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Most popular bus connections from Delhi

RutaFirst buslast bus
Delhi do Lucknowej08:50 sat00:20BOOK NOW
Delhi - Jaipur (Radżastan)00:0023:59BOOK NOW
Delhi do Manali06:40 sat23:55 satBOOK NOW
Delhi do Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh)09:00 sat23:50 satBOOK NOW

Bus tickets to Delhi

Online booking of bus tickets to Delhi

Delhi is the capital and territory of India. Delhi has a rich history as it has served as the capital of many kingdoms and empires. Delhi has a perfect combination of historical, modern and pilgrimage attractions. It is one of the most visited cities in India along with a large number of foreign tourists. Let's take a look at the main bus routes to and from Delhi.

Important routes to and from Delhi

Some of the prominent bus routes from Delhi are as follows:

  • Delhi do Lucknowej:Delhi is 554 km from Lucknow and the journey takes about eight hours by bus. The starting bus fare for this route is INR 523.
  • Delhi do Jaipur:The road distance from Delhi to Jaipur is about 278 km, and it takes about five hours to travel by bus. Bus fares on this route range from INR 500 to INR 1,200.
  • Delhi do Kanpur:The road distance from Delhi to Kanpur is approximately 495 km and the journey takes approximately eight hours. The starting price of the bus on this route is INR 400.

Here are some of the main bus routes to Delhi:

  • Gorakhpur - Delhi:The road distance from Delhi to Gorakhpur is about 821 km, and it takes about 13 hours to travel by bus. The starting price for a bus ticket in Delhi is INR 500.
  • Z Manali do Delhi:Manali is 531 km from Delhi and it takes about 12 hours to cover this distance by bus. Bus fares on this route start at INR 881.
  • Lucknow za Delhi:Delhi is 554 km from Lucknow and the bus journey will take around eight hours. The starting price of the bus on this route is INR 512.

Popular buses to from Delhi

  • Address in the city:U w pobliżu hrama Neelkanth Mahadev.
    Contact number:9716176602
    Average ticket price:600 rupees

    Abhay Travels provides frequent bus services from Delhi to many other cities like Kanpur, Auraiya, Etawah, Agra, etc. This operator also offers return buses. On Abhay Travels buses, you will find amenities such as pillow, CCTV, toilet, charging point, etc.

  • Address in the city:Trgovina br. S5, ul. br. 2, Aerocity, Mahipalpur, Delhi.
    Contact number:7922762595
    Average ticket price:600 rupees

    Mahashakti Travels provides bus services to and from Delhi from/to many cities like Jaipur, Gurgaon, etc. Amenities on their buses include charging point, reading light, adjustable seats, etc.

  • Address in the city:1762/23, Connaught Place, Delhi.
    Contact number:9107200720
    Average ticket price:600 rupees

    They provide bus services from Delhi to Agra, Mathura, Vrindavan etc including return buses. TravelZap India also offers various bus amenities such as SOS system, charging points, reading lights, etc.

  • Address in the city:Mori Gate, New Delhi, 110006.
    Contact number:7398672011
    Average ticket price:1099 INR

    They provide buses from Delhi to Lucknow and back. On Mehar Tour and Travels buses you will find various amenities such as pillows, toilets, SOS system, charging stations, etc.

  • Address in the city:Sant Nagar Burari, Delhi-84.
    Contact number:9810787131
    Average ticket price:600 rupees

    They provide bus service from Delhi to several cities like Hata, Tamkuhi Raj, Siwan, Gorakhpur, Faizabad, Gopalganj, etc. They also provide bus facilities like pillows, reading lights, charging points, etc.

Pick-up and drop-off points

Some of the prominent bus embarkation points in Delhi are:

  • Baraf Khana Chowk
  • AIMS bus stop
  • Adarsh ​​Nagar
  • Akshardham Underground Station
  • Khanna Market 95
  • Ambal Viaduct
  • Anand Vihar (EDM Mall)

Some of the main bus departure points in Delhi are:

  • Hram Akshardham
  • Targ Ajad w Delhi
  • Droga Adalata
  • Dholakan
  • Chandni Chowk
  • Chirag Delhi
  • Delhi airport

You can find various means of transport from the city center to the bus pick-up and drop-off points in Delhi. You can use subway, local bus, taxi, cab, car etc to reach your boarding point. You can easily navigate to your boarding point with redBus tracker.

Important places to visit

  • Qutb Minar:This Victory Tower is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mehrauli, Delhi. There are other attractions that can be seen in the Qutub complex.
  • Zoo w Delhi:It is one of the oldest zoos in India, established in 1959. It is also known as the National Zoological Park.
  • Red Fort:This architectural marvel is made of red sandstone and is a must visit. Delhi is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Hram Akshardham:This temple is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan and is one of the finest examples of modern architecture.

Delhi Covid-19 Travel Guidelines

Travelers traveling to Delhi must follow certain guidelines due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Even after the end of nationwide lockdowns, state governments are issuing new travel guidelines to limit the spread of the coronavirus in light of the recent surge in Covid-19 cases. Those wishing to travel to Delhi must consider the following guidelines:

  • According to the latest guidelines issued by the state government, there are no restrictions on travel within the state.
  • According to the latest guidelines issued by the state government, there are no restrictions on inter-state travel.

Online booking of bus tickets to Delhi

Buses in Delhi can be chosen by many as a travel option. Booking online bus tickets in Delhi is easy, fast and secureredbus.com.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a redBus.com account to book a bus ticket online?

No, you don't need to open a redBus account to book a ticket. However, we recommend creating a redBus account to book your bus ticket even faster next time. In addition, by creating an account, you can also take advantage of discounts and offers on RedBus bus tickets.

What is an M-Ticket?

The M-ticket is an SMS that is sent to your registered mobile phone number after a successful booking of an online bus ticket by redBus. This M card can be a virtual replacement for your printed bus ticket. The M-card contains details of your bus ticket, such as bus timetables, pick-up and drop-off locations, vehicle number, PNR, etc. The M-card is RedBus' ecological step to reduce the number of paper tickets and keep passengers safe from any infectious disease.

Is it safe to pay by credit or debit card when booking a ticket to and from Delhi?

Yes, you have no reason to worry about paying for tickets with a debit card or a redBus card. reBus took care of all security measures when it comes to payment gateways. The redBus website is completely secure, and with 180 million satisfied users, there have never been any problems with card payments.

How can I contact redBus.com customer service?

There are different customer service contact numbers for different countries. You can simply go to the redBus website, select the country you want to book your bus tickets to and see the customer service number at the top. You can also easily email redBus support to the email address provided.

How can I book bus tickets in Delhi?

You can easily book your bus ticket to Delhi by visiting the redBus website, selecting your country and entering your departure and destination details. The redBus website is easy to use and with easy-to-follow steps, you can book your bus tickets to Delhi in minutes.

Where would my pickup point be?

You can check your map for details on pick-up and drop-off locations. Pickup location details will be sent via M-card. In addition, when searching for bus tickets on redBus.com, pick-up and drop-off locations are listed under the timetable.


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