Complete Guide to Unlock MetroPCS Phone (2023)

Most cell phone carriers offer favorable contracts that include a new phone, but the device is usually locked to the specific network and cannot be used outside of it. If you want to unlock your MetroPCS phone and gain full control over it, contact your carrier or find an effective third-party tool that is up to the task.

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As one of the largest mobile operators based in the United States, Metro offers attractive offers to its customers on a regular basis. Of course, anyone buying a new smartphone on a MetroPCS contract can expect a locked device that can't be used right away with a different SIM card. With many users requiring an unlocked device for various reasons, it's no surprise that Metro's unlock policies are a hot topic right now.

In this article, several different methods of unlocking MetroPCS phones will be discussed from the user's perspective, with detailed descriptions of how to perform them. We will point out the advantages of each approach, along with any significant limitations that apply. In this way, each MetroPCS phone owner will have enough information to make an independent decision that works best for them.

  • Unlock MetroPCS phone by contacting carrier
  • AnyUnlock - iPhone Password Unlock
  • doctor YES
  • unlock base

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Unlock MetroPCS phone by contacting carrier

Probably the most straightforward way to unlock your MetroPCS phone is to ask your carrier to do it for you. This is possible, but only if you activated your phone more than 180 days before requesting an unlock. If you meet this requirement, just follow these steps and soon you will be able to use your phone without restrictions.

Step 1. Check if your phone works with SIM and when you first activated it.

Step 2. If you are eligible for the unlock, contact MetroPCS by phone or visit a physical store.

Step 3. Request the unlock code for the phone model you have and provide all the relevant information requested by the carrier (phone model,IMEI number, SIM number, activation date…).

Step 4. Wait a few days to receive an email with the unlock code.

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Receive unlock code

Step 5. Follow the instructions provided in the email to complete the unlock procedure.

For those of you thinking about unlocking your MetroPCS phone, you can use the MetroPCS app instead of asking for your carrier code. However, only certain smartphone models are compatible with this app, so you should check the list and check your device.

Unlock MetroPCS phone with third party software

Various third-party applications can be used to successfully remove the SIM lock from a MetroPCS phone. They provide additional flexibility and independence to the operator, but require the user to complete certain actions, such as visiting a website. Some of the best tools equipped with this functionality include the following:

AnyUnlock - iPhone Password Unlock

As a leading SIM unlocker,AnyUnlock - iPhone Password Unlockcan help you unlock your MetroPCS phone in minutes. Not only is it easy to use and fast to unlock, but it also protects your data from being erased or leaked. Also, even if you are a customer of Verizon, T-Mobile, etc., AnyUnlock is also supported to help you unlock your device because it is compatible with most carriers.

Besides powerful unlocking feature, AnyUnlock can also help you if you buy a used phone but can'tunlock activation lock🇧🇷 Also, it can help youcheck iPhone status, such as, if the phone has been unlocked, if the phone has been hardware replaced, etc. And it can also help you to unlock your iPhone/iPad screen,Do you remove Apple ID, etc

Right nowdescargar AnyUnlockto begin unlocking your MetroPCS phone.

Free download

Free download

* 100% Clean and Safe

Free download* 100% Clean and Safe

Step 1. After launching AnyUnlock, select"Remove SIM lock"mode and connect your phone to PC with a USB cable. Once your phone is recognized, click on"Start now"button.

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Choose Remove SIM lock

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Step 2. And then, you need to check if your iPhone has been unlocked or not. If not, please touch“Tutorial Jailbreak”button. After jailbreak, click on the"Remove Now"button.

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Click Remove Now

Step 3. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete all the operations. After finishing, clickOKbutton.

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Remove the SIM card and disconnect the Internet

Step 4. Then AnyUnlock will start to unlock your SIM card. Keep the device plugged in and don't close the software.

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Start removing SIM card

Step 5. Minutes later you will seeSIM lock deleted successfullypage and now you can use your iPhone normally.

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SIM lock deleted successfully

no unlock

This is a completely free and fast solution that any user can use when looking for a way to unlock their smartphone. A variety of different phones are supported, and it can all be done from a browser with no downloads required. With thattool, you don't need to provide your account details, name or personal information, just enter your phone model and IMEI number. After that, the user receives the unlock code and instructions on how to use it. The entire process is almost instant, which is why so many MetroPCS phones are unlocked on this site.

doctor YES

Usingdoctor YESis another option at your disposal to unlock your device. This online application can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world and allows users to permanently recharge or unlock their phones with incredible ease. It works great on phones from all major manufacturers and requires virtually no technical knowledge. Everything can be done remotely as the user receives the unlock code via email and can use it to remove any SIM card restrictions. This service is completely legal and does not void your warranty, which explains its growing popularity among MetroPCS subscribers. However, it is a paid service and full payment is the precondition for purchasing the code.

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Unlock phone with DoctorSIM

To unlock their phones quickly and easily, users can navigate tocellunlocker.netand take advantage of the interactive interface to finish everything with ease. After choosing the phone model and paying the fee, the phone owner gets the unlock codes in the shortest possible time. This online service is very easy to use and is available worldwide, making it a good place to start your search for the right unlock tool. Customer support is available 24/7 via phone or live chat and they will gladly guide the user through the entire unlock procedure if necessary.

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Contact Cellunlocker to Unlock MetroPCS Phone

unlock base

If you choose to use Unlock Base as your preferred solution for unlocking your MetroPCS phone, you will have a few distinct advantages. This is a very popular and completely secure online service that can be used to unlock a wide range of phone models without waiting. All you have to do is submit your device's IMEI number and get the codes that unlock the phone purchased on a Metro contract. The service comes with a money-back guarantee, with special pricing offered for corporate customers who require large-scale phone unlocking.

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Unlock MetroPCS with the unlock base


Those who bought their last cell phone with a MetroPCS contract can rest assured that unlocking the device will not be a problem. The carrier offers this service free of charge to eligible customers and will remove the lock remotely upon request. For those who want to work with a third-party service, there are several proven options available, and it shouldn't be too difficult to get unlock codes without MetroPCS involvement. Among all third-party software,AnyUnlockcan help you unlock your MetroPCS device in the first place, so you don't have to spend any more time waiting.

Free download

Free download

* 100% Clean and Safe

Free download* 100% Clean and Safe

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