"Dark" in the recap of episode 2 of Netflix Season 2: We are caught in a trap, I can't leave (2023)

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  • "Dark" in the recap of episode 2 of Netflix Season 2: We are caught in a trap, I can't leave (1)
  • "Dark" in the recap of episode 2 of Netflix Season 2: We are caught in a trap, I can't leave (2)

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Pop maybe hotshot: Can you detect the dialog line delivered by the bad?

A) "Secrets are what is destroying us. The secrets."

B) "What happens if God has no idea what is doing? What happens if the plan is wrong? What if God is wrong?

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C) "Sometimes we need to have more faith than everything will be well again."

D) "In the end, life is just a collection of missed opportunities."

If you guessed C, congratulations!You have found that only the villains are optimistic.They are as dark asDarkes.

"Dark" in the recap of episode 2 of Netflix Season 2: We are caught in a trap, I can't leave (3)

How you will have guessed from these clear statements about the meaning of life, episode two ofDarkThe second season, titled "Dark Matter", appropriate enough, is returning to the sandy philosophical and emotional.They informed us about who they are when they are and what they are doing.After experiencing the dizzying turns back to the extremely complicated Ploco of the program in the premiere, it is now easier to understand who it is, what is and why it matters.

On the one hand, the episode begins with the largest and clearest Infoump of the nature of the time portal phenomenon that affects the Winden people we have received so far.Ribbon in which a woman later revealed that the plant of nuclear energy plant became a white wizard who was traveling over time, Claudia Tedemann.In the recording, he explains that the electric current through the "particle of God" solid/amorphous liquid can be stabilized in a portal through which objects can travel time.

"Dark" in the recap of episode 2 of Netflix Season 2: We are caught in a trap, I can't leave (4)

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Young Jonas passes the episode working hard to do just that.To realize that he needs more fuel to generate the necessary tension, he distracts a patrol of post -apecaliptic militants with firearms by driving the "suspicious minds" of Elvis Presley from the abandoned building, then sketches and dodge and divertthe gas of your vehicle.

However, when he returns to the so -called "dead zone" to complete his mission, he is intercepted by extremist leader Elisabeth Doppler, who orders his execution by raping his taboo does not enter the forbidden area.Jonas is already hung with a leg filmed when Elisabeth, who probably understands that he is a time traveler and knows that he is telling the truth when he screams with the gathered crowd that is hitting them in a portal to paradise inside the area,Rope that is that rope is that rope that is that rope that is that rope that is fighting, allowing it to live.

"Dark" in the recap of episode 2 of Netflix Season 2: We are caught in a trap, I can't leave (5)

"Dark" in the recap of episode 2 of Netflix Season 2: We are caught in a trap, I can't leave (6)

He is then released by the still -named young woman who captured him at the end of the first season.He walks directly.If he dies, he then says, death within a giving and death inside a cell from post-apocalyptic arrest is equal to it.

Jonas remains busy through his useful life and through various deadlines.Of the Eccentric H.G.Tannhaus Local.He uses it to take it back to the 80's, where she sees her husband Michael as a small child.

Of course Michael is also Mikkel, son of Ulrich Nielsen, whose disappearance launched the plot.Brutal emotional rhythm for any childhood character) and questioning the existence of a wise and alone (see Declaration B.)

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This last piece is what gives the Father of Evil Noah, who follows Mikkel at the entrance of the local cave when he hears the revelation of the travel portal in time when Jonas and Hannah enter his time period.The faith of a fan that things will be well, and the tacit narcissism of believing that only he can do so.(See statement C.)

I should try to tell the Tedemann family.In the 1980s, Claudia Tiedemann gets a visit from her old time I travel in time, which uses the time machine in front of her and gives her the location of a time capsule she burying in the younger backyard decades earlier.Claudia Mayor tells adult Claudia that if things are doing well, her royal daughter's life can be saved against the wind and the tide (see statement D.)

Meanwhile, Claudia's old father, Egon, discovers that cancer has advanced, but leaves information aside to visit a former prisoner in a local psychiatric hospital.

"Dark" in the recap of episode 2 of Netflix Season 2: We are caught in a trap, I can't leave (7)

Yes, it is Ulrich Nielsen, which has been arrested since the 1950s. It is an impressive revelation, since the natural expectation is that Ulrich somehow escape his captivity in that time and continues his search to prevent the death of children fromNoah.In change, a lifetime came into a lifetime, everyone believes he is crazy, no one closer to stop what is coming.

And, in the present, Cancer's Egon Regina granddaughter is questioned by Charlotte Doppler and the Clarusen external researcher about the proximity of the family's nuclear plant and its secret cave entry to many of the disappearancesyHer husband Aleksander's true identity, who took her last name to escape her past as convicted before arriving in town when she was a teenager in the 1980s.

"Dark" in the recap of episode 2 of Netflix Season 2: We are caught in a trap, I can't leave (8)

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Regina blows this line of questions as best as possible, however, she reveals to the police that she has a stock of the strange ephemeral of Jonas's time trip, which she left behind after staying at her hotel.She thinks she indicates that he was the kidnapper and killer.

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Charlotte, however, recognizes these things as partially the work of his grandfather H.G., whom he always believed it was crazy ... and never told him who his true parents were.(Taking into consideration how close they are putting Jonas and the unidentified girl of the future, I have my theories). While that, Angry, scolds Mikkel's brother, Magnus, when he accuses her of changing the tricks formoney;In fact, she is selling hormone therapy for Bernadette, local sex worker, through her father's recipe platform (see Declaration A)

As always, overcoming the gross plot of the program occupies many centimeters of column.But don't let it occupy all the storage space your brain has attributed to the show.Although the family tree is a maze of shrubs and the deadlines are similar to the tangle of cables that connect your television to your Xbox, emotions are recognizable and real.Happy is trying to ignore him;Feeling powerless to stop going to large and small tragedies, this is what this program is working, which really matters to you.It is a dark question indeed.

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