Gaming Inbox: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign review (2023)

The Wednesday Letters page addresses the strange case of the English translation of Metal Gear Solid, as postulated by a reader.ancient ringpara GOTY.

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loss of money
I played it like many others.obligations: Modern Warfare 2 campaign because I pre-ordered and decided it's... a bad thing? The graphics are good despite all the flaws, but it's so boring! There's something I thought would be a nice homage to All Ghilled Up and the gunship level from the original game, but they go on forever and even when they're done, they just go back to more snipers and fight with little tension.

It tries to be uptight, and it is at first...until you see the logic of what's going on and how simple and limited it all is. The original Modern Warfare knew how to get in and out quickly, so you never really realized you were being manipulated (in a good way). The new game seems too stupid or too one-sided for that.

I also really liked the first Modern Warfare reboot, but it has a much worse story and practically nothing to do with the original Modern Warfare 2. It's strange to touch something that looks so good and you've put so much work into it, and yet it all feels flat and unexciting. It doesn't matter because I bought the game for multiplayer, but it all seems like a huge waste of money.

newcomer friendly
I've always been hesitant about Bayonetta games, even though I own a Wii U and Bayonetta 2 received decent reviews when there were few major Wii U releases. I was under the impression I'd find them annoyingly difficult and give up.

after reading yoursbayonetta 3 reviewI think I can finally jump in and see what all the fuss is about. Great review.
Juan Atkinson

AGB:Thank you very much. It really isn't a particularly difficult game either, and we played it on Normal.

happy for the third time
I am very happy to read that Bayonetta 3 is another excellent entry in the series. I have to admit, as a GC, I had my doubts. Platinum's performance of late has not only been poor compared to its previous high standards, but I also don't think Bayonetta 3's trailers are looking very good. Somehow the graphics and gameplay didn't feel right to me compared to 1 and 2.

Having said that, I trust the GC review and can't wait to play Bayonetta 3 now, after all it was your reviews of the first two games (which are now among my absolute favorites) that got me into the series in first place.

AGB:That's good to hear. The marketing has been bad so far, you're right. Despite paying for the sequels, Nintendo, or at least Nintendo of America, never seemed to know what to make of the series.

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interpret vs translate
I have to disagree with Ghostcaller and his suggestion that a Metal Gar Solid movie wouldn't work without Kojima. In my opinion, the best dialogue in any Metal Gear Solid game is the PlayStation original, and that's thanks to American translator Jeremy Blaustein.

There is a great article about this onpolygonand since reading it, it helped me understand why the heck it's so hard to keep track of what happens in all subsequent Metal Gear Solid games.

AGB:It is a good article. Kojima's reaction to not being a 1:1 translation always seemed wrong.

4th birthday
Has the inbox magic worked again? New parasite eve? I only played the second game and never beat it but that's because of the last boss and my ineptitude in combat but if they bring it back redo this one. He's great now too. I repeated it on the PlayStation 3 and fell at the last hurdle again, but I had a blast doing it.

What about the guy who wants Resident Evil characters to have superpowers? He plays Parasite Eve. She already has them and it plays much like the early Resi games with some light RPG elements thrown in for good measure.

AGB:If there are licensing issues, as it seems, remasters or remakes may be impossible. We bet on a new game.

a dog's life
A little disappointed with the GCsResident Evil Village Winters Expansion Review. I'm still looking forward to it and have pre-ordered it. The most important thing for me is to play Village in third person again. This is how Resident Evil should be!

In response to LastYearsModel's letter on Tuesday. I think the dog video is intentionally misleading on Capcom's part. You know how popular the dog is with fans and what they show would cause an uproar! My theory from the images shown is that it's either not the same or you have a certain amount of time to catch up with the dog before he dies.

I hope I'm right because it's a memorable part of the game that will help you later.
Tony- -1975 (ID de PSN)
Currently playing - A Plague Tale: Requiem (PS5) and Return To Monkey Island (Switch)

AGB:It was in the demo we were playing and there seemed to be no way to change it. However, this may change at launch.

Just an idea that I thought would be good for multiplayer games. What if different games allow other games to use each other's cards?

You could be playing Halo on a Sea of ​​Thieves island, Fortnite on a Call of Duty map, or Forza racing on Mario Kart tracks. They could be old cards from older games in newer games.
Johnny Alfa SD
Currently Playable: Portal 2

a good harvest
So Elden Ring is an obvious candidate for Game of the Year and now Bayonetta 3, surprisingly (if only for the recent Platinum series of games), but where is God Of War Ragnarök? It seemed to be the main competitor to Elden Ring, but I feel like it's not a game changer based on the previews.

It all seems to depend on how the story plays out as I don't think it will win many awards for the relatively unchanged gameplay or even the graphics, which while good are of course limited by PlayStation 4.

Even though I've only ever played Elden Ring, I still think it's going to get the most praise, GC included. I think God Of War will only look more and might even spoil its ending. Admittedly I don't know anything about Bayonetta 3 but pacing issues seemed to be a problem, it's also a sequel which is obviously similar to its predecessor.

One could argue that Elden Ring is just Dark Souls 4 under a different name, and I agree that it's a shame that every great game is basically a sequel, but at least Elden Ring is technically something new. Even as a fan of From's work, I found it new and exciting in terms of the open world.

So that's my Game of the Year prediction. Although we should be very happy that there are three good contenders because during the Summer Games drought we had the worst year in our history.

mitran inbox
You know, if it wasn't for the current crisis and they weren't available in the UK, I would have been tempted to buy one of those real Mario Karts "for my kids". We have a turtle and a fruit bowl, what more could you need?

Was Resident Evil 1 Remake 20 Years Ago? Thanks for making me feel like an old GC... That just shows its quality that it's still re-released today and it's so good that a new version isn't really needed yet.

This week's hot topic
Halloween is right around the corner, so for this weekend's inbox we want to know what the best survival horror game of all time is, and which upcoming title has the best chance of beating it.

Big-budget horror games are rare, but suddenly there are plenty on the way, including remakes of Resident Evil 4, Dead Space, and Silent Hill 2, as well as The Callisto Protocol, Alan Wake 2, and every other Silent Hill game. games - plus many others.

Are you looking forward to the new releases and do you think this will usher in a new era of hit horror games or is it just a zeppelin? If you are not interested in any of the new games, what is your personal favorite that you enjoy so much?

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