How do you open the door of a locked car without a key? - 5 ways (2023)

Being locked out of the car with the key is stressful. Before you break the window, let me first teach you how to open a locked car door without a key, so you don't have to stand by your car for hours trying to figure out how to open it.

In this article, I'll teach you some tricks to unlock a car with the keys inside. Make sure you have some of the tools listed and are on the right track to unlock your locked car.


  • How to open car door without key
    • Method 1: Use a string
    • Method 2: Keyless with mobile apps
    • Method 3: With a screwdriver
    • Method 4: Use a tennis ball and a drill/screwdriver
    • Method 5: Call someone
  • common questions
  • Conclusions

How to open car door without key

Method 1: Use a string

You can unlock your car door without a key by using a lanyard to pull the lock.

  • Take a rope and shorten it to at least three feet. It's better to have more time, like two or three, to allow for this.
  • Tie and knot with a bow the size of your index finger.
  • Try to open the door with a screwdriver and carefully insert the cable. We try to put the cord on the car diagonally, with the loop in the middle.
  • Move the leash back and forth until the cord loop secures the buckle. You must tighten the loop when maneuvering.
  • Now that the string circle is attached to the fuse, pull it up and you're done.

Method 2: Keyless with mobile apps

Be sure to register your car with the dealer after purchase. You will link your account to the registered vehicle for security reasons.

Note that some apps differ in features, but most new models have app unlock innovation. For example, the Toyota Car app lets you lock and unlock.

Other more advanced applications allow users to immobilize stolen cars, create vehicle health reports and turn the engine on or off. Other more complicated models use sophisticated locking technology, like the Hyundai i10 car.

OThe car has an automatic lock functionSo disabling it by holding the lock button for 5 seconds saves you the hassle of getting your keys locked in your car.

Here are some apps for different car manufacturers

  • BlueLink App - This app is for Hyundai. Open the app and you will see the unlock button. Tap to deploy the pin and you're all set.
  • myChevrolet app - This app is not just limited to lock and unlock. You can also use it to start, stop and even honk your car. You can also use this if your car manufacturer is GM.
  • NissanConnect – The NissanConnect app, as the name suggests, is for Nissan vehicles. NissanConnect stands out because it diagnoses your vehicle and provides health reports.
  • Toyota App - Recently, the company also added the smartwatch feature that allows you to lock and unlock the car from your wrist.
  • HondaLink - This app works like the other apps and allows your Amazon packages to be shipped to your car.
  • FordPassTM– In addition to unlocking the car, you can also use the app to pay your monthly rent.

Method 3: With a screwdriver

The screwdriver is a staple when unlocking a locked car door.

  • Find the car unlock button.
  • Carefully insert the screwdriver between the door and the lock. With a screwdriver and older car models, you can easily reach and pull the lock knob. If not, proceed to the next step.
  • There is now a small gap between the door and the frame. Insert the hanger or hooked rod to reach the latch and pull.
  • Carefully remove the hanger or rod from the car, followed by the screwdriver. You must follow this order to avoid damage.

Method 4: Use a tennis ball and a drill/screwdriver

Without tools, the tennis ball can be of great use if you have the skills. The tennis ball technique is a hotly debated method of unlocking your car. However, some claim it worked, while others need more practice.

  • Drill a hole in the tennis ball with a drill or screwdriver.
  • Place the tennis ball hole on the front of the key. We will try to pull the disks into the keyhole using tennis ball pressure.
  • Pump the tennis ball repeatedly until you hear a slight click.

Method 5: Call someone

If the above hacks don't work,Calling someone might be your last resort. First, check if there are local locksmiths nearby.

If not, some locksmiths specialize in how to get into a locked car, like Pop-a-lock. They would examine your vehicle lock and make the key in less than 10 minutes. It would also be better if you know the lock type to help them make the key faster.

Be prepared to spend $4 to $10 on older car models for your service. However, prices for luxury models between $250 and $450 can skyrocket.This guide tells you how much you will be charged for this Pop-a-Lock service.

If you don't want to pay the bill and you're wondering, "Who do I call for free?" call 911 to alert the police or fire department.

Calling them is extremely helpful, especially in an emergency when there's a child or pet trapped in the car. However, in some extreme emergencies, they can break your car window if the break-in tool cannot handle the situation quickly.

Other methods you can try:

    • Open your car lock with a hair clip
    • Open your car lock with a paperclip

common questions

How to open the car with the key inside?

With a knife, you should push the latch into the space between the door frame and the doorway.

When inserting the knife, you should feel elastic metal. The metal is the latch; You must stir it with a knife until you hear a slight click.

How do you unlock a car door by yourself?

Another trick is to lower the windows by pressing the button. As simple as it sounds, leaving the car with the windows open can be tricky.

As with the cord technique, open the door with a screwdriver or other sturdy metal. Be sure to leave enough room for the post.

Insert the rod down until it reaches the window handle. Press that and your window should scroll down. Now you can get the keys from the locked car.

How to unlock a truck door?

Like opening a sedan, you have to break into the truck door and take a stick, preferably a long one, with a hook at the end, as it is bigger.

Pull it up and you can now open the truck.

My Santro car door lock won't open. Why that?

Some door locks on Santro cars have central locking, others do not. For vehicles without a locking system, you can try the above methods.

However, some Santros with central locking may automatically lock or unlock even if there are keys inside. There are numerous reasons for this. It could be a blown fuse, a wiring issue, or a dead battery.

It's best to take your Santro car to the Hyundai manufacturer so they can diagnose the problem or reset the central locking.


You need patience when opening a locked car, as some of the methods I've mentioned may take several tries. However, the easiest way would be to register your car in the app so you don't have to spend tedious hours unlocking your car.

Also, calling a locksmith can be expensive for some and could compromise your security, but it's worth a try. Just be creative with your tools as there are more methods on how to open a locked car door without a key.

Hope you found this article helpful and stay tuned for more tips!

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