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If I knew what I know about Cult of the Lamb now that I've finished the game... my god, would I do it very differently? Although I think I've done almost all of them"right" decisions when it came to teaching, I wasn't sure how the skill trees worked (as I thought I would be locked out of each level by the unacquired ones) and I figured the coins would be hard to come by.

While I had a decent amount of coins mid-game, I always had around 10,000 coins by the end of the game, I could make any purchase I wanted without facing any consequences and ultimately not knowing what it was. I will spend my remaining coins on it.

For players new to Cult of the Lamb, you might not expect the huge increase in resources you will gather, especially if you take it very slowly at firstcollect followers, but the core element of Cult of the Lamb becomes a big joke in the blink of an eye and players can build or modify whatever they want in seconds, essentially putting the game in a "sandbox" of sorts. "..."

Admittedly I can't complain about that as realistically it depends on what a player is focusing on and how much a player wants to play min-max, although if you saw my save file you would legitimately think there was something wrong with me . . I've often chilled with over 50 followers, most of whom did nothing but make offerings to the shrines I placed, and my game had gotten to a point where there was tremendous lag making it difficult to even get out of dungeons because the game had too much data to keep track of.

To help you avoid the mistakes I've made and to encourage you to care less about resources and more about coins, I thought I'd cover all of the ways you can earn coins in the early, mid, and late game can get. So get ready, you're about to get rich on Cult of the Lamb!

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Crossed regularly

It's no secret that in most dungeon crawler games, the best way to farm resources is by completing dungeon crawler items. With Cult of the Lamb, there are some areas that are too difficult to farm, and going through dungeons realistically isn't usually the real answer.

Players will really want to run areas where they have already completed the boss and destroy the bishop's shrine to find a secret passage to defeat that bishop again. Essentially, the chest that drops from defeating the Bishop will always drop more loot than any other chests in the game. So if you can just grind these as many times as you can, you'll get coins early.

It is true that this arduous path may seem long and it may take quite a while for the player to get all the coins they need, but as long as you are patient and learn how to stay alive in Bishop fight it can to be difficult . faster and faster, especially when you upgrade your weapons.

If you can complete Bishop quickly, you can get a few hundred coins very easily on this route.

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Completing new content is a godsend for coin grinding, as most smaller chests only give you around 3 coins. So if you're fighting for coins and not completing full Crusades, it's actually working against you. The biggest problem with dying on a crusade is that you usually lose 20-30% of the loot you've collected along the way when you die, so it's going to cost a big chunk of what you've collected, whether it's both resources or coins.

Players should always keep an eye out for coin rooms as well as rock rooms in Crusades as they can provide you with a long-term coin boost. I'll cover why Rock Rooms matter in a moment.

extortion of tithes

At the start of the game, players can choose between extorting tithes and bribing followers when they get itthe first lessonfor possessions.

Extorting tithes gives players an interaction where they can collect between 1 and 3 coins from each follower on a daily basis, although as useful as it can be early in the game, it's quite a tedious task to deal with such small coins , which makes the much better alternative choice for players as it is better in the long run.

The alternative to extorting tithes is to bribe your followers with 3 coinsincrease your loyalty. It quickly becomes clear why this is the best option.

Well, realistically, the Doctrines a player chooses can't make or break a game, although it can be difficult to think about your cult's long-term needs if you don't know what the endgame will be like, so I have to tell you, that this is not the case. It will be a great long-term idea for you.

For example, I chose Tithe Racketeer in my first game and thought it would be great as I was in dire need of coins. At first I stopped using it because it was tedious to collect coins from my followers, but I soon learned how easy it was to make coins in other ways, which was the main reason I stopped using this message .

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Another Doctrine players can obtain is Tax Enforcer via the Law & Order Doctrine Tree, although like Extorting Tithes it drops in the late game.

I have to say that I like Tax Enforcer a lot more than Extorting Tithes because in Tax Enforcer players choose a single follower (or multiple if repeating the ritual) to collect coins from the other followers.

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The fact that players can essentially let followers do their dirty work is a huge benefit for Tax Enforcer, as the other option is to get followers to increase the devotion of other followers. The latter tends to be better in the late game, although Tax Enforcer is brilliant for those who have coin issues in the mid game.

I would honestly recommend Tax Enforcer to anyone in this boat, but if you're happy with the amount of coins you're getting then the alternative is a better choice.

Players generally still have better chances of getting coins when Tax Enforcer becomes available, although this isn't always the case, especially if players focus primarily on basing. I would recommend Loyalty Enforcer over Tax Enforcer, but would say I would pick Tax Enforcer long before Extorting Tithes.


Knucklebones is by far one of the easiest ways to get coins, especially when players have unlocked all the competitors, although the mid-game competitors are...okay.

At first glance it might seem difficult to grind Knucklebones, but I've written a guide on how to make sure I'm even winning every roundin great difficulty. Players at the highest level can earn 50 coins per battle, and each match lasts a minute or less, so this is a pretty solid grind, especially given that it's entirely focused on coin crafting.

While the Knucklebones grind wears out fairly quickly, again depending on how you grind it, it's very beneficial for the mid or late game grind.


After defeating the first bishop, players must undertake further crusade efforts, and then The One Who Waits will provide players with a chest to sell their resources.

Admittedly, I only unlocked this long after completing the second area. So if you haven't received it yet, try running the content again to see if it unlocks. Not sure if this is time sensitive or based on another unlock as players have reported many different things about it.

When the chest is unlocked, players can sell all their resources to earn extra coins and it becomes the main source of income, especially when players farm regularly.

I highly recommend players sell any food they don't need to feed their cult, as things like berries become pretty useless mid-game.

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Players can also sell fish, especially if they have Ocean's Bounty, as they sell for more and are pretty much unlimited and easy to get. I usually made 200-500 coins a day from the box alone by selling stuff I didn't need.

I highly recommend avoiding selling wood, stone, or gold as it tends to be counter-intuitive, especially given that you need a lot of those late game builds to build.


As players unlock refineries, they will unlock the ability to trade gold nuggets for gold. It's true that I thought the gold nuggets would be useful for other things, but actually they aren't.

Players will be surprised when they gain access to refineries as they can usually earn around 100 coins from that alone, so get to work.

Players get a lot of this resource simply by doing Crusades while falling from chests and can even fall off rocks. That said, if you're fighting for coins, look no further than the crusade rooms with stones, as the amount of gold nuggets you can get from these rooms can really help your income.


Something I don't see a lot of players do is build multiple sacrificial statues. Most players seem to only build one once they unlock the Sacrifice Statue, but honestly, why stop there?

Although the Offering Statues provide players with random resources when a follower goes to one, the chances of that resource being a higher tier resource or even coins are pretty high.

I won't lie I have about 20 offering tables in my save files and they generate a lot of my income and they make sure I have a good amount of the basic ingredients I need like fish, wood and sometimes even gold bars.

Honestly, it's the offer tables that really allowed me to start from mid-game to the end of the game so quickly, so I recommend you take advantage of this.

The beautiful reality is that devotees can make offerings multiple times a day. So if you have more sacrificial statues to accommodate these donations, it's extremely easy to get a large amount of resources without any work.

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At the end of the day, his followers will spend most of their time working, but no matter what, they'll be taking breaks, so why not take a break and leave him an offering?

How to Farm Coins | Cult of the Lamb - Basically average (3)


As players progress through their Shrine skill tree, they will unlock a way to receive donations every time they post a sermon. Although the number of coins players earn depends on the number of followers preaching a sermon, this can really dampen the amount of coins the player has in the long run.

The number of coins provided in a sermon depends on theloyalty of followers, so make sure you are constantly working on increasing your follower loyalty to ensure you reap the maximum benefits.

Players typically get between 50 and 100 coins per sermon, which is no laughing matter, but even then, there are better ways to get coins!


Surprise surprise! Another thing I say is not worth it, especially for the late game, but if the players are still having issues by the time players unlock this or the alternative ritual, it may be a good option for you be. The other option players essentially have is Charity for the Poor, which allows them to give coins to their followers to gain more devotion/upgrade their followers.

Since players earn so many coins at the end of the game that they have nothing to spend, I can't in good faith recommend this ritual, but if you're really struggling, it's very easy to make some money.


Once players have unlocked the entire Sanctuary skill tree, they will no longer be able to collect devotion and will instead have the option of simply collecting coins while the followers worship.

Players can get a maximum of 175 coins per completed statue, and honestly, this is the best way to get coins, especially if you clear the shrine more than once a day.

would honestly recommendget so many followersas you can to fill your shrine even if it costs you coins because the reward will be great as they level up. Realistically, the Devotion routine will be the most satisfying and rewarding, so get on with it ASAP!

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