Introducing a new Battle Pass system in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II and Call of Duty®: WarzoneTM 2.0 Season 01, plus bundle highlights (2023)

Welcome to the new battle pass system

The Battle Pass enters a new era.

Introducing the new Battle Pass, where player choice leads to complete domination of the Area of ​​Operations. With Battle Token Tier Skips, choose the rewards you want to earn first each season, from free working weapons to weapon blueprints, Operator skins and more.

The base Battle Pass includes 20 free items. Upgrade to receive access to all 100+ items or purchase the Battle Pass Pack to get 20 Instant Battle Token Level Jumps (25 if you have PlayStation® 4 or 5) to start unlocking these rewards. Those who own the Vault Edition ofObligations®: Modern war®youthey can also use their free battle pass and battle token level jumps.

In addition to detailing some of the store packs to look out for during Season 01, here's what you need to know to earn the Battle Pass:

Battle Pass Explained: Initial Overview

Your mission has been expanded into a full combat map!

By accessing the Battle Pass menu withinModern war®youowar zoneMT2.0, instead of seeing the familiar long horizontal swath of leveled content to unlock, you're greeted by an impressive, large-scale map. This is the Battle Pass Area of ​​Operations (AO). The Season 01 AO Battle Pass is divided into 21 different "combat sectors", from A0 (bonus combat sector) to A20.

Combat sectors A1 to A20 are all connected to each other. Watching sectors adjacent (and therefore connected) to the sector you're currently unlocking is key to progressing in this new battle pass.

After unlocking all rewards in all combat sectors from A0 to A20, expect to unlock a victory sector and earn additional valuable rewards for total victory!

See below for details.

Also note that sectors within this AO Battle Pass contain 1,400 total Call of Duty® Points (CP). Get 400 free CP in the Battle Pass System, plus 1,000 more if you unlock the entire Battle Pass and Bonus Sector, allowing you to recoup spent CP by purchasing the Battle Pass if you unlock all CP in each Sector!

Explaining the Battle Pass with the First Sector: Sector A1

The new battle pass is a little easier to understand once you get through the first sector. Whether you decide to stick with the free version or upgrade for access to all content, everyone will start the Season 01 Battle Pass in Sector A1. Click on any sector and you'll see that there are up to five different items to unlock.

In the Battle Pass Operations Area (AO), or on the on-screen map, you'll see the weapon blueprint for "The Orbiter" above Sector A1; this is called a high value target (HVT). Think of it as the main item of interest within a Sector. You will also see the HVTs for all other sectors displayed on the Battle Pass screen. Now for a closer inspection: select Sector A1 and you'll see four other items below the HVT: the "Air Entry" business card, a dual weapon XP token, the "Air Entry" emblem, and the "Air Entry" charm ". Rent payment weapon". .

All of these items require a Battle Token level jump to unlock. Battle Token level jumps are earned simply by playing the game, just like levels in the old system. “Tier Skips” from the Vault Edition ofmodern warfare IIit will be converted into an equivalent number of Battle Token Level Jumps (50 Level Jumps, 50 Battle Token Level Jumps).

Earn a maximum of 100 Battle Token Level Jumps in a season, which will automatically be spent at the end of the season if you don't designate which sector items you want to unlock. If you have more Vault Edition Battle Token Level Jumps than your remaining Battle Pass rewards, any excess will carry over to the next season.

Using a Battle Token Level Jump "unlocks" an item for access. Items labeled "Free" are available to all players. Get the full battle pass to get all available items.

In each sector, all four items must be unlocked with Battle Token Level Jumpsprior tothe HVT is available to unlock with another battle token level jump. In the case of Sector A1, four battle token level jumps are required to unlock the "Air Ticket" calling card, a dual weapon XP token, the "Air Ticket" emblem, and the "Rent Payment" weapon charm ". can then use a fifth battle token level jump to obtain "The Orbiter" weapon blueprint.

Once you get the HVT item, the sector is complete and you can proceed toany adjacent sector🇧🇷 In our example, after obtaining "The Orbiter", you can move on to Sectors A2 and A3.

So to recap, it takes five battle token level jumps to unlock everything in one sector and move on to another sector. And it takes 100 Battle Token level jumps to complete the Battle Pass.

By the way, "The Orbiter" weapon blueprint is not a bad way to start the Battle Pass. This medium caliber Assault Rifle variant of the Kastovia weapons platform is a more consistent and accurate lower range primary option. There's also no problem finding enemies with this weapon, given the included magnified thermal sight, which lets you see heat signatures and get a closer look at distant targets.

Purchase the Battle Pass to unlock the A0 Bonus Sector, Zeus

Any Battle Pass purchase, whether it's the full version upgrade or the Battle Pass Bundle, comes with this season's first new Operator: Zeus.

Born in the southern Niger Delta, Zosar Kalu is the eldest of three children. He helped raise his younger siblings while their parents pursued political aspirations. His nickname comes from his younger brother, who was born with dysarthria (a speech impediment) and pronounced his name "Zeus".

After his year of military service in the Nigerian Army Special Forces Battalion, he enlisted and rose through the ranks of those same Special Forces. At the same time, his family was involved in a high profile state election, but he was tragically assassinated by a local Al Qatala cell.

Orphaned, and now the last of his name, Zeus established the "Thunder" Corps, an anti-terrorist group dedicated to hunting down AQ wherever they hide and bringing them to true justice.

Zeus's default skin features his custom helmet and (non-functional) battle armor, which has seen many battles against terrorist forces.

This bonus sector (called A0) also contains four additional items: a 10% Battle Pass boost, the "Mythmaker" SMG weapon blueprint, the "Articulated Response" secondary weapon blueprint, and the "Chronophobia" weapon screen , a new customization feature that allows you to attach a widget to your weapon, such as one that tells the (real world) time and date.

New HVT weapons in sectors A6, A7

Those looking to unlock the two new weapons in the battle pass only need 15 battle token level jumps if going straight from the first sector to sectors A6 or A7 and 30 to unlock both.

BAS-P SMG — Plataforma Bruen Ops (Setor A6, HVT, Livre)

An aggressive rate of fire and modular structure make the BAS-P perfect for the demanding operator looking to customize their SMG. Subsonic ammo skins kill the enemy team's skulls.

Equipped with 9x19mm subsonic ammunition, the BAS-P was touted as one of the weapons that could be used in the final missions of the Campaign when taken from Shadow Company Operators.

At launch, the weapon will hit a solid 870 rounds per minute, putting it just below the PSDW 528. However, its ammo is the same as the MX9, making it a potential powerhouse at closer ranges.

Victory XMR Sniper Rifle - Empire Platform (Setor A7, HVT, Grátis)

Blunt sniper rifle with .50 caliber BMG ammo. Its tungsten sabot-tipped bullets are fast and powerful, but require accurate shots at long ranges.

Another weapon that appears in later Campaign missions, the Victus XMR is a powerful ranged weapon in the same caliber as the Signal 50.

Its bolt-action nature gives it time to manage its recoil before engaging in follow-up fire when facing hostile groups. The most accurate snipers will be able to lay down deadly shots with ease, with a variety of accessories to help reduce scope downtime or keep the scope extremely stable to line up the perfect assurance.

New HVT operator masks in sectors A9, A11, A18

Do you want to get new equipment for the next operation? The HVTs in the deeper S of the AOEctors are tactical setups for KorTac and SpecGru operators.

KorTac Mil-Sim "The Unseen" Conveyor Layout (Sector A9, HVT)

Go undercover looking like one of the most fearsome marksmen in DZ, ready to fight in even the toughest desert conditions.

Zero Operator Project “Ursidae” (Sector A11, HVT)

Brave Zero prepares for the most dangerous operations in Al Mazrah in this black sand and pump outfit.

Operator Aspect of Roze "Blackout" (Sector A18, HVT)

They couldn't keep Shadow Company's ropes off her for long; While the new materials increase its visibility, it's still stylish enough for anyone looking for an all-black outfit.

Complete o mapa para Golden Zeus, White-Hot Weapon Blueprint

Those who achieve 100% map completion by conquering all 20 sectors (excluding the bonus sector) gain access to the victory sector, which contains the following five items:

Zeus operator skin “King of Olympus”

Featuring a gold-plated variant of Zeus's signature helmet and various golden accessories, this kit for Zeus subtly flaunts his ability to complete the battle pass while keeping him grounded for operations in Al Mazrah.

"Mortal's Bane" Weapon Blueprint

A custom weapon for Zeus, the "Mortal's Bane" weapon blueprint features five attachments that combine for a mid-range mobile build. Grab this weapon quickly from corners or other cover with a lighter stock and barrel, acquiring targets quickly with a miniature red dot optic.

300 COD points

Start by saving up for your next Battle Pass, or use them towards one of the packs releasing later in the season.

Bundle Highlight: Pro Bundle

The Battle Pass isn't the only place to find new Operator skins, weapon blueprints, and other items to make you look like you're part of an elite Operator.

Those who want to take on Al Mazrah like a true professional should look no further than theDesert Rogue Professional Pack, available seasonally for $19.99 or regional equivalent.

This pack contains "The Rogue" operator skin for Reyes, which is perfect for the driest of countryside conditions. It also contains two weapon blueprints: the "Dust Devil" rifle and the "Sandstorm" SMG, the latter of which comes with an extended battery magazine for clearing squads at close range. For additional customization, feel free to attach the "Desert Death" decal, "Red Camel" weapon charm, and "Desert Pro" emblem from this pack.

Like previous Pro Packs, theDesert Rogue Professional Packit also comes with 2400 CP, enough to buy another pack or get the Battle Pass pack for this season.

Package highlights:modern warfare IIFC Stars

Ready to kick off the Modern Warfare® II FC event during Season 01?

At the end of November, you can add three new operators to your roster: football stars frommodern warfare IIFC.

The first is the intrepid Neymar Jr., who debuts on November 21st.Neymar Jr Operator Pack (Tracer Pack)it will include this new Operator, plus a stealth weapon blueprint "The Feared" and the weapon blueprint "Longball", the latter of which is a battle rifle intended to establish serious fire support.

Next up is Paul Pogba, who arrives on November 25 at theTracer Pack – Paul Pogba Operator Pack🇧🇷 It will unlock the French midfielder as a new playable Operator, as well as grant a "Series A" Weapon Blueprint meant for silent support and a "Counter Attack" Weapon Blueprint for getting high kicks on target.

Last but not least is the legendary Leo Messi, who arrives in the Store on November 29th atTracer Package: Messi Operator Package🇧🇷 In addition to the Argentinian striker as a playable Operator, the pack contains two weapon layouts designed for close-up shooting: the elegant "Atomic Flea" and the solid "Blue Thunder".

All of the above packs also include an amulet, vehicle skin, decal, emblem, and finishing move for each Operator that would be far from classy in the real field.

Featured Pack: CDL Release, Team Packs

We're celebrating an early return to Call of Duty League™ with a special launch pack for the 2023 season, as well as the release of gear packs for all 12liga de call of dutydeductibles

The Officialliga de call of dutyThe pack will go on sale on November 16th. Jump in and race across the map with these revamped Home and On the Road Operator skins, a weapon camo, weapon charms, and more.

You can also show your support for any of the 12liga de call of dutyteams, or all 12 if you want to be the last one on the bandwagon, grabbing this year's prizeCDL equipment packages🇧🇷 They contain the following items, all themed to the CDL team of your choice: a weapon camo, male and female home and outdoor operator skins, a vinyl decal and a regular weapon decal, an animated calling card, and a emblem.

Grab them ahead of the season's first Major, taking place in Raleigh, North Carolina, Dec. 15-18.

Additional package highlights

There's a lot more in store for Season 01:

executive warrior

Keeping in theme with some of the other tactical and stylish gear found in the Battle Pass, theexecutive warrior Packageis highlighted by a "Carbon Shadow" operator skin for Horangi and two weapon blueprints.

One is the "Short Fuse", based on the new SMG found in the Battle Pass, and the other is the "Blissful Ignorance", a silenced sniper rifle with great stopping power.

7: lazy

This year, a new set of packages to watch out for is based on seven devious vices.

The first is the7: lazy Package, which contains the "Folivora" weapon blueprint based on the new sniper rifle found in the Battle Pass. It also contains the "Desidia" operator skin for König, as well as the "Deep Sleep" weapon blueprint, a shotgun that will help put these enemies to sleep.

Also look for theVII: Too much greedduring the season

Get ready to go in, get ready withmodern warfare II

Now is a good time to collectmodern warfare IIbefore season 01 starts.

Purchasemodern warfare IIto get a bonuswar zoneExperience 2.0 – Access to 14 additional Operators to use in both games, as well as accelerated weapons and level progression. As amodern warfare IIowner, receive bonus XP at the end of each game when playingwar zone2.0, ensuring you level up just as quickly in both titles.

Furthermore, as already mentioned, those who havemodern warfare IIYou will have access to all Season 01 content, including the first Raid, which will arrive mid-season.

Those wanting even more perks should consider upgrading to the Vault edition, which grants four additional Operators (Ghost, Farah, Price, and Soap) such as Red Team 141, FJX Cinder Weapon Vault, a definitive version of a weapon blueprint with more of 50 Attachments included, Season 01 Battle Pass along with 50 Battle Token Tier Skips and much more.

Stay cool.

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