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Creator:Meredith Averill, Aron Eli Coleite, Carlton Cuse

Streaming-Plattform: Netflix

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, final season on Netflix August 10th, we reach the epilogue of the series that began two years ago after postponements, changes and production difficulties. A series that since the opening cycle decided to take the starting role, born from the pen of Joe Hill and the pencils of Gabriel Rodriguez, a family story that is a raw critique of American society, making it a teenage series with supernatural theme elements. If you have ever set foot in the fantastical and picturesque town of Matheson, Massachusetts, you know that whispers of magical voices are an "ominous" omen or sign from the dark world depicted within, new hex keys are arriving soon.

Locke & Key season 3 review: No more keys, no more keys! Last season did not find the right key | FilmyHype (1)

What you still don't know is that Locke & Key Season 3 will try to make you experience an ending to the story, always with the versatile tool of the keys, as for the diegesis, which this time opens doors to new worlds : the realm of spirits, the universe of the psyche. Human, the one who travels through time. The final season of the American series was created by Joe Hill, a product that mixes fantasy and drama with elements of suspense and terror, based on Hill's comic book of the same name, adapted by Carlton Cuse (Bates Motel), among others.


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Locke & Key Staffel 3: The Story Review

Looking back on Season 2, we talked about a dark story for grown children. In this third season, the "dark" environments are becoming increasingly rare, and we are faced with a "fairy tale" suitable for all ages, but especially for families with children in elementary school. A decline that begins throughout Season 2 and continues episode after episode through choices designed to purge the events of any attempt at depth.

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The way of the bandits is symbolic in this sense. In the first season, the inevitable enemy was played by the seductive Layla De Oliveira, in the second season it was colleague Gabe, played by Griffin Gluck. In this third season, the villain is Gideon (Kevin Durand), a red jacket from the past summoned by Dodge, a powerful demon with smoky and conflicting plans whose only goal is to haunt the castles. A classic villain who never goes down because he isn't necessary to the story and who, between a thick voice and a crooked look, is only built to destabilize. It's a pity, however, that it's not a subplot, but rather the engine of the season's events.

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The series' second episode cycle concluded with an eloquently titled "Cliffhanger" chapter, which ties into our return to Keyhouse. We return to Locke's ancestral home to follow brothers Tyler, Kinsey and Bode where they have moved with their mother, Nina, following the death of their father, which occurred under mysterious circumstances. The historic family home is in Lovecraft, where we are disastrously greeted by the gaudy opening sequence (which contains imaginative clichés and tedious references to other works). This enchanted mansion is the true protagonist oflock and key, who, like an opera character, succeeds in influencing what is happening around the cast with her many secrets and references. In Season 3, the Lockes discover several new keys (including the Snow Globe Key).

Locke & Key season 3 review: No more keys, no more keys! Last season did not find the right key | FilmyHype (2)

As always, each key grants the owner a new superpower, but is also mysteriously linked to the disappearance of the head of the family and an evil entity known as Dodge, capable of taking on different appearances and voices depending on the owner's fears. This. Front. The keys are important because they can help the Lockes win the fight against the demon Gideon, who first uses two women with supernatural strength and then invades Keyhouse directly.

Locke & Key Season 3 Recap and Analysis

We often felt like reviewing shots or scenes seen elsewhere, and even the developments lack originality. We find ancient knowledge and discover new keys - those ancient artifacts that just exist - like the creation key and the timeshift key, the latter will play a fundamental role throughout the story: whoever uses it will be able to discover events from the to experience the past. We are also on the topos of time travel (a fantastic fiction classic), although the final cycle of episodes maintains a good level in terms of soundtrack, settings (although the exterior shots are almost entirely done with CGI technology), the use of effects and a Image in which warm colors predominate.

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appears to us as a mixture of drama and good feelings contained in an ordinary product that doesn't have much to say. And the ending is no exception. Special effects and monsters of creation, both literal and non-literal, predominate in the sequences filmed as a farewell to the viewer. Here Joe Hill states: magic only gives us illusions; and illusions make people do terrible things: they cause death, suffering and pain. The escalation of special effects, the show within the show - the self-reflective dimension that runs through this product from end to end, and the endless possibilities inherent in a creative key (that could fall into the wrong hands) "reduce the meaning of magic ' through a finale resonating with a gratifying monotony.

We face eight episodes designed to end and end in the simplest, most peaceful, most obvious, and not as controversial way as possible. A clear and banal way of bothering to follow the series and the episodes of the third season, in vain. One gets the impression that everyone was keen to embark on a new project by the writers who, despite what they said, told the story they wanted for the actors. Apathetic and constantly exaggerated like mother Nina, attempts to give Tyler (Connor Jessup) a standalone story quickly fail. The life of the protagonists completely disappears and is only engaged in the fight against the villain. Just like the soul of the series, the magic keys end up being just an element of the story, losing the metaphorical aspect of their functions that characterized them.

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Locke & Key season 3 review: No more keys, no more keys! Last season did not find the right key | FilmyHype (3)

The third and final season oflock and keyfocuses precisely on the adventurous aspect of the story told and on the elaboration of the family's grief that will reach its "fulfilment" (even if it may never come to pass) by allowing the different members to find their balance and their place in the world to find and decide what to do with Keyhouse, the keys and Locke's legacy for posterity. Ghosts (literally) will return from Locke's past, like Sam, who is responsible for Rendell's death; The centuries-old story of Keyhouse and Locke's ancestors is revisited once again, along with Rendell and Ellie's group of theater buddies in the '90s and what their gang combined with whispering iron. A return to the origins, which deals intensively with the original comic, but now takes a different and independent path. However, it is obvious that on the one hand the story had nothing more to say on screen and therefore better ended with the "three seasons rule", but at the same time the story was stretched out in the bud, as Locke's past and present fact of an unresolved trauma would still have a lot to say if it had been more inspired by its paper counterpart.

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Locke & Key Season 3 Review: The Last Words

is aware that the path taken by the writers of the Netflix series deviates both in content and visually from the horror and rawness of the original comics, opting for a more youthful target audience and a more colorful and adventurous photography of the film 1990s 90 to the end, than the Lockes were confronted with the demons and ancestors of their past and the legacy Rendell had left them, and had to decide what to do with them for posterity.

Locke & Key season 3 review: No more keys, no more keys! Last season did not find the right key | FilmyHype (4)

Locke & Key season 3 review: No more keys, no more keys! Last season did not find the right key | FilmyHype (5)


Why was there whispering at the end of Locke and Key season 3? ›

In the final moments, the soundtrack cuts out as the camera zooms into the Keyhouse front doors and we hear that eerie whispering once more, suggesting that there are yet more keys still knocking around the property somewhere.

Is season 3 of Locke and Key the last season? ›

On April 6, the streamer took to Instagram to share that season 3 of the beloved show will be the last. Alongside a series of stills from the latest installment was a caption that read: "YOUR FIRST LOOK at the 3rd and final season of Locke & Key—coming later this year."

What is the last key in Locke and Key? ›

The final new key in the series, the Creation Key, which features Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, was forged in 1995 by Rendell Locke. This key is actually a drawing utensil, and any image that is drawn with it comes to life.

Do the Lockes forget about the keys? ›

The Locke family embraces each other one last time before they appear back at Keyhouse in the present. Bode and Kinsey use the Memory Key on themselves so they never forget magic before they throw all the rest of the keys into the portal, closing it for good.

Will there be a 4th series of Locke and Key? ›

There is no Locke and Key season 4, as when it was picked up for the third season, it was declared ahead of time that it would be its last.

Why did Tyler leave Locke and Key? ›

As he approaches his eighteenth birthday, Tyler decides to forget the magic and leaves to find a normal life in Montana. However, he later returns to help his family against the demon possessing Frederick Gideon and chooses to have his memories restored by the Memory Key.

Why did Locke and Key end so abruptly? ›

Executive producers Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill confirmed in April 2022 that Locke and Key would be done and dusted with after season three. In a joint statement, they expressed that it felt as if the show had reached its natural conclusion. Locke family and their Keyhouse adventures to a satisfying conclusion.

What happened to Bode in Locke and Key Season 3? ›

Bode's body has taken a shot to his shoulder, which causes panic among the Lockes. None of this is worth it if there's no body for Bode to reenter. Tyler tries to bargain — they will give Gideon all the keys if they can save Bode's body.

How did Bode Locke come back? ›

Bode used the Ghost Door to enter the body of the sparrow and guided Tyler to the Animal Door, and Tyler used the Animal Key. Bode flew through the door and he transformed back into his original human form. Tyler called his family and Bode was reunited with them, explaining the events of what happened, to his mom.

What is the most powerful keys in Locke and Key? ›

The Anywhere Key

This first-ever key introduced within the show is also undoubtedly one of its most powerful ones. It allows the user to travel anywhere in the world — as long as they've seen the door they want to travel through.

What key did Eden take? ›

At the end of Season 2, Eden uses the Echo Key to release Gideon with the intention of using him to help her open the Black Door. But alas, he promptly drops her into the well and takes the Anywhere Key.

What key did Eden get from Gabe's room? ›

Eden visits the dead Gabe's boarding room at Matheson Academy to get the Echo Key, which she takes to the Wellhouse. There, she summons the echo of Josh Bennett's evil ancestor Captain Frederick Gideon.

Did Rendell Remember the keys? ›

Rendell forgot about the Keys because of the Riffel Rule, though he did speak of them to Nina when he drank heavily. At some point, Rendell gave the bracelet containing the Anywhere Key to Kinsey. The family lived in San Francisco, where Rendell was a high school guidance counsellor.

Did Nina use the memory key? ›

Before the Lockes toss all of the keys into Frederick Gideon's portal, Nina uses the Memory Key on Kinsey and Bode to ensure that they will always retain their memories of the magic. Nina is also the one who tosses in the Memory Key.

Why was the demon key made? ›

The Demon Key Is Forged to Create Dodge's Army

(We went dwell too long on the poor fisherman, who was left nothing but ooze and bones following the first attempt.) With is identity as Dodge exposed, Gabe forces Duncan to make what becomes known as the Demon Key.

Will there be another lock and key? ›

Will there be a Locke and Key season 4? Unfortunately, Locke and Key season 4 will not be coming to Netflix. Well ahead of the third season's premiere, the streaming service announced that the third season would be the last for Locke and Key, with the showrunners explaining why they opted to end the series.

Is there going to be a s3 of Locke and Key? ›

Locke & Key season 3 will be available to stream on Netflix from Wednesday 10th August 2022, with all eight episodes dropping at once as a binge-watch launch.

Will Locke and Key have s3? ›

Locke & Key, Netflix's popular fantasy horror show, is all set to return for its third and final season on August 10. All episodes of the new season will start streaming on Netflix from 3:00 am of August 10.

Why is Lucas alive in Locke and Key? ›

Resurrection as an Echo

As an Echo, Lucas could not be killed by physical means and as such, he survived the separation from the demoness. Lucas returned the keys that Dodge had in her possession when she died just before they received a call from Bode that Ellie had returned.

How many Locke keys are there? ›

How many keys are in Locke and Key? There are 20 keys introduced in the first two seasons and four new keys found in season 3, so altogether there are 24 keys featured in Locke and Key.

Why can't demons take keys from the Lockes? ›

The keys have a supernatural type of ownership with the Lockes. Demons such as Dodge are unable to take the keys from the Lockes by force, and must be willingly given to them. This principle was exclusive to demons, as humans outside the Locke family could also take these keys without asking for permission.

Who is Tyler's girlfriend Locke and Key? ›

What Happened to Jackie in 'Locke & Key' Season 2? Tyler Locke (Connor Jessup) likes Jackie Veda (Genevieve Kang) from the moment he first meets her on Locke & Key.

What key did dodge make? ›

The Demon Key is one of the keys. Two versions of this Key were forged, with each holding a different function. The first was created by Dodge, but failed to fulfill the intention of the key, and therefore it failed to perform its intended purpose.

Why is echo in the well Locke and Key? ›

The Echo is created when someone uses the Echo Key to enter the Wellhouse on the grounds of Locke Manor, and then calls the name of a deceased person they wish to speak to.

Who is the villain in Locke and Key Season 3? ›

The demon that possessed Frederick Gideon is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Dodge) of the Netflix adaption of Locke & Key, serving as the the overarching antagonist of its second season, and the main antagonist of its third season.

What happened to Eden in Locke and Key? ›

She acted as the demon's host and identity for months until the demon unleashed Frederick Gideon. The resurrected echo threw her headfirst into the well and disappeared into Matheson Academy, killing Eden. Two months later, Gideon sends Ada Wheeler down the well where she finds Eden's corpse.

How old is Bode Locke and Key season 3? ›

Thirteen-year-old Jackson Robert Scott plays Bode, the hilarious and tenderhearted youngest Locke. This season, Bode clings to the past and memories of his late father, while the rest of his family seemingly moves on.

Is Bode dead? ›

Beginning in 1994, he brought to the moderator's role credentials as a political activist, an academic and a national correspondent for NBC News.

Is Bode Locke Dead season 3? ›

Do any of the Locke family members die in Locke and Key season 3? No, all of the main characters survive and so do honorary Lockes like Ellie and Rufus.

What happens when the hourglass runs out in Locke and Key? ›

“The hourglass is a failsafe of sorts. Anything brought into our time that isn't supposed to be there will vanish when the sand runs out, to prevent a paradox. It'll just go poof, like it was never there to begin with.” Thus, Dodge's time in Bode's body comes to an abrupt end, taking Bode's body along with her.

Who is the strongest Locke? ›

If knowledge is power, then Ellie Whedon (Sherri Saum) is one of the strongest characters in Locke & Key. As a former Keeper of the Keys, Ellie has direct contact with the magical keys and imparts all of the sage advice she learned from Rendell to his children.

What key did Duncan make? ›

It's later revealed that Duncan is one of very few people known to have made new keys, having created the Memory and Demon Keys. After his memories are restored, Duncan joins his family in defending the Keyhouse from Dodge.

Why is Dodge trying to make a key? ›

Tyler and Kinsey prepare to send Dodge back through the Ghost Door, but she warns them that Gideon is coming and that Gideon is way more powerful than her, comparing him to a god. Dodge reveals that her true intention is to get the Alpha Key so that she can stop Gideon's plot to merge both of their worlds.

What key was Eden when she died? ›

This allowed others to get the better of her, such as Kinsey and Scot using the Head Key when she was passed out and giving a demon the moment to betray her.

What did the Omega Key do? ›

Like many keys, The Omega Key simply opens up a door. It's just that the door it opens up is The Black Door in the caves near the house. Rendell and his friends first used the key when they were children, unwittingly opening up a portal for demons to enter into our world.

How old is Eden in Locke and Key? ›

The gorgeous actress is 24 years old! She was born on April 7, 1997, in Toronto, Ontario under the Aries star sign.

What key was Gabe making? ›

Gabe was obsessed with the idea of creating his own demons using the Whispering Iron from the caves. However, because the Whispering Iron only calls to Lockes, Gabe's first two attempts at creating the Demon Key failed and he disintegrated his targets.

What key does Gabe want made? ›

Jackie didn't want to use the key, because it would make her remember bad times as well as good; but ultimately that key ended up in the Lockes' possession. More on that in a second. Meanwhile, Gabe came up with a plan to forge a new key, called the Demon Key.

What did Gabe want the key for? ›

Gabe wanted to bring an army of demons into the human world. He was a demon with a God complex who wanted to consume the real world and re-create it in his own demonic image. But to build a demon army, Gabe needed the Omega Key to open the portal.

Is Rendell not a Locke? ›

Rendell Locke is a posthumous overarching character of Netflix Locke & Key series. He was the husband of Nina Locke, and the father of Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode Locke.

Why did Sam shoot Rendell? ›

Under Dodge's instruction, Sam and Al Grubb attacked the Lockes at their summer home in Willits. Sam held Rendell at gunpoint, demanding to know the location of the Anywhere Key and the Omega Key. Rendell refused, and was killed by Sam.

Why can't adults remember the keys? ›

Basically, Hans Riffel had used one of the magical keys, presumably the Hercules Key, to cause harm to men during WWII. So, he forged the Riffel Rule key as the main key to Keyhouse, which will disable any adult's ability to detect or remember the magic of the home.

How did Ellie get the head key? ›

The key is subsequently found by Rufus who turns it over to his mother. Ellie then uses it to show Tyler and Kinsey the truth about Dodge and Lucas.

Is Nina an alcoholic Locke and Key? ›

Nina Locke is the deuteragonist of Netflix Locke & Key. The matriarch of the Locke Family, she returns home following the untimely death of her husband. She suffers from being an alcoholic and was warned to return her family to Keyhouse should anything happen to him. She is played by Darby Stanchfield.

Who made the echo key? ›

The Echo Key is one of the Keys created by Benjamin Locke.

Where did the Wings key come from? ›

The Hogwarts professors had each set a challenge they needed to successfully navigate, and the winged keys were Flitwick's creation. The room was full of these fluttering flying objects – but only one allowed them to unlock the door and proceed to the next obstacle.

What was the first key ever made in Locke and Key? ›

There's a reason this was the first key introduced. Arguably the most powerful key in the world of the show, the Anywhere Key was hidden in a bracelet belonging to Kinsey Locke until her brother Bode Locke dismantled it and learned what it can do.

What is the demon in the last key? ›

KeyFace, sometimes called The Man with the Keys and the "Key Demon", is a demonic inhabitant of The Further and the main antagonist of Insidious: The Last Key. He appears as a grim long-haired male humanoid with a disfigured skull-like face and with keys for fingertips.

What are they whispering in Locke and Key? ›

After his girlfriend, Jackie, is possessed by a demon, Tyler becomes determined to create a key to "unlock" Jackie's soul from the demon. Tyler finds the piece of Whispering Iron his father hid in case of emergency, but only Tyler can hear the whispers.

Who is the demon at the end of Locke and Key? ›

The final chapter of Netflix's fantasy series Locke and Key is almost here, closing the door on the fate of Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira), the Locke family, and the thrilling new Big Bad, the demon-possessed Captain Frederick Gideon (Kevin Durand).

Who is the echo at the end of Locke and Key? ›

A week after Dodge's death, Eden recovers the Echo Key from where it was hidden in Gabe's dorm room. Eden uses it to summon the Echo of Captain Frederick Gideon, the first man to find the Black Door. Like Lucas and Dodge, Gideon is brought back along with the demon that had possessed him.

Why did dodge want the keys? ›

It's an essential key because Dodge needs it to find the location of the Omega Key, learning from Erin that Rendell Locke used the Head Key to hide the Omega Key in his own consciousness.

Does Bode come back to life? ›

Bode used the Ghost Door to enter the body of the sparrow and guided Tyler to the Animal Door, and Tyler used the Animal Key. Bode flew through the door and he transformed back into his original human form. Tyler called his family and Bode was reunited with them, explaining the events of what happened, to his mom.

Is Eden in season 3 of Locke and Key? ›

The Demon possessing Eden Hawkins is the secondary antagonist of the Netflix adaption of Locke & Key, serving as the final antagonist of it's first season, the secondary antagonist of it's second season, and the posthumous overarching antagonist of it's third season.

Is Jackie a demon Locke and Key? ›

Tyler offers that he use the family's Memory Key on her to stop her from losing her memories of all the magic. She declines, leaving Tyler crushed, but her story takes a dark turn when Jackie is turned into a demon and ultimately dies.

How did Lucas become an echo? ›

The ex-boyfriend of Ellie Whedon and the childhood friend of Rendell Locke, Lucas' life took an unexpected turn when the group opened the Black Door and released something out of this world. Following the demon's destruction, the real Lucas is finally freed and restored as an Echo.

Are all Echos evil Locke and Key? ›

Locke and Key's Echo explained

While an Echo has proven to be a terrifying problem for the Locke children to contend with, they are not inherently evil and have in fact been allies to the family at certain points in the comic books.

Who made the shadow key? ›

The Shadow Key is one of the Keys created by Benjamin Locke.


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