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Add a touch of modern style to your windows with Opulence anthracite wooden blinds.

Elegant and sophisticated, the Opulence anthracite wooden venetian blind will complement many interior styles and color schemes, from rose pink to stark white.

Adjustable slats provide incredible light control without sacrificing style and elegance. Made from the finest materials and components, the wood used for your lampshades comes from sustainably managed forests. So this shade is not only the perfect addition to your home, but it is also environmentally friendly.

All of our wooden blinds are handmade by our highly skilled manufacturing team here in West Yorkshire. With over a decade of experience, you can have peace of mind when ordering from Blinds Direct.

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100% original real wood

Opulence anthracite wooden blinds | Direct blinds (4)

At Blinds Direct, we only use the highest quality hardwoods from sustainable forests. Our hardwoods are real woods with fine grains and a natural sheen that add style to any room in your home. The strength and versatility of hardwood makes it great for window blinds.

Lampshades made of real wood offer unparalleled warmth and elegance. This naturally beautiful material will work with almost any interior, so you can be sure that your new wooden blinds will complement your existing decor.

Our 100% real wood curtains come complete with an additional curtain to cover the headboard for an elegant finish. We also cover our wooden shutters with UV stain or paint that prevents them from fading under the influence of sunlight.

Blinds Direct has been selling blinds for over ten years and we are proud to say that our products are the best and most reliable on the market.

We are committed to maintaining an environmentally friendly business by ensuring that our materials and production methods do not have a negative impact on the environment. We strive to use only wood from well-managed, sustainable sources.

How to measure wooden blinds

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If you want to buy new rods to use with one of our headrests, simply measure the length of your existing rods from the top of the fabric to the bottom. We will not make any deductions from the measurements provided.

Make sure your new blinds are the perfect size for your window with our simple measuring guide. With just a minute or two and a measuring tape, you can find the perfect blind size for your window.

To make sure everything is perfect, we've put together this video guide to help you take the right measurements. It's simple, lightweight, and will keep your new blinds looking pristine.

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How to measure in a recess

2:28 watch time

How to measure outside a recess

Watch time 1:46

Measurement and installation instructions

Measurement guideForOpulence wooden blinds installation instructions


Opulence anthracite wooden blinds | Direct blinds (6)

We've spent years developing our products and we're confident in their long-term value - we want you to feel the same. That's why we offer a leading 5-year warranty on all our products.Read the fine print here.


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Width of the slat50 mm
Widths available30cm do 287cm
Drops available30cm do 300cm


  • Fully custom made to your specifications in our UK factory - perfect every time!
  • High quality steel main rail that won't bend or warp like a PVC main rail.
  • Matching ropes with matching curtain, levers and bottom rail.
  • Universal brackets for easy installation - top, side or front mounting.

These wooden venetian blinds are made-to-measure and come in a variety of possibilities. For more information about the option, click ? except choice.

Type of measurementHolidays, right
ControlStandard Steering (tilt left - raise/lower right), left steering (tilt left - raise/lower left), right steering (tilt right - raise/lower right), lift left - tilt right

Installation and measurement

Measurement guide

I am prayingclick hereto view the measurement guide for this product.

Setup Guides

All our blinds are delivered with the fittings and accessories needed to install the blinds along with a set of assembly instructions. You can also download the installation instructions below.

  • Rich wooden blinds

How to install wooden curtains

How to measure a window for wooden shutters

Important notes

Our photos

Product photos are for illustrative purposes only. While we strive to provide the best possible representation, we always recommend requesting a free sample before purchasing. Please note that the stripes shown in the photo are for illustration only and the number of stripes may vary depending on the width of the blind.

head rail

The main rails on some of our wooden shades have recently been upgraded, so you may notice slight variations in color and/or features. A curtain covering the top rail is provided, so any differences in color or size should not be noticeable.


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The screen will remain the standard size, so it can be used to cover the head rail if placed outside the window recess. The screen is cut off on one side only. This means that the lambrequin will need to be cut to size and can easily be made with a fine wood saw or hacksaw. A beveled louver finish is only necessary when installed outside of a recess; a simple cut is sufficient for the recess.

Custom-made blinds

Please note that all made-to-order products are manufactured with a tolerance of +/- 5mm. This is in addition to any holiday deductions. When ordering a custom-made product, you are responsible for specifying the desired width and height, therefore the product cannot be returned under normal circumstances.

The ends of your blinds

These shades are cut from standard shades so the ends will be unfinished/unvarnished. This is usually not a problem as the ends are not visible when inserted into the cavity.

Brackets and controls for your shadow

All necessary brackets and fixings are included. Blinds are easily installed using our universal brackets, which can be attached front or top to a window, wall or lintel. We do not recommend placing wooden blinds sideways in the niche due to the deduction made. The lift control is on the right side and the tilt control is on the left side.

The fall of your blinds

The actual drop of the curtain will depend on the size of the batten. We try to make the drop as close to your dimensions as possible, however, the curtain may be slightly longer than the requested drop.

Indentation depth

Window recess requirements for wooden blinds depend on the selected slat size. Wooden blinds with 25mm or 35mm slats require a minimum recess depth of 5cm, while alternatives with 50mm or 64mm slats will require a recess depth of 6.5cm.


Free UK Delivery on orders over £199.00. For orders under £199.00 we only charge £9.95 for UK delivery.

International shipping is available, the price will be calculated during the checkout process.

Check out oursDelivery informationpage for more information.

Asterix indicates that the product is eligible for next day delivery if purchased for next day delivery. Payment is possible.

Child safety

We take the safety and well-being of children very seriously. That's why all our blinds are equipped with a child safety device, which ensures that the ropes and chains are securely attached to the wall, preventing the risk of strangulation. Each lampshade is manufactured with a maximum chain length of one meter, making it inaccessible to small children. If you need a chain longer than a meter, please contact us after placing your order. The terms will continue to apply in accordance with child safety regulations.

We are proud members of the British Blinds and Shutters Association (BBSA). The BBSA is the leading trade association representing manufacturers and suppliers of covers and lids. As members of the BBSA, we are committed to providing child safe shades and all our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the guidelines set out in UK and European Safety Standards (BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014).

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