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hospital services

Texas Health Hospital Rockwall offers a wide range of services for every stage of life. Healthcare facilities in Texas have the technology, expertise, physicians, and other healthcare professionals to deal with a wide range of conditions. We pride ourselves on providing safe, compassionate and patient-centred care.

  • Back and spine

    Back pain and spinal pain are among the most common reasons for visits to the doctor and are a major cause of disability, lost work days and high healthcare costs. Fortunately, Texas Health Rockwall's orthopedic or spinal neurology specialists can address these issues with a variety of treatment options, including minimally invasive techniques.

    Some of the common conditions treated include:

    • Cervical spondylosis
    • Cervical spondylolisthesis
    • Cervical disc herniation
    • Cervical stenosis
    • Cervical radiculopathy
    • Cervical myelopathy
    • Lumbar spondylosis
    • Lumbar spondylolisthesis
    • Lumbar disc herniation
    • Lumbar stenosis
    • Lumbar radiculopathy
    • Spinal fractures
    • Compression fractures

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  • Cardiac rehabilitation

    A cardiac rehabilitation program is designed to help patients treat new or chronic heart conditions to improve their quality of life and outcomes. Patients are carefully assessed to determine their current level of activity and function, medical history, occupational needs and leisure activities. Based on these assessments, exercise physiologists and other health professionals will determine individualized education and exercise plans. During each session, staff will monitor the patient in order to improve the patient's cardiac output, stamina, and general condition through ECG readings, blood pressure, heart rate, daily weight, and stress score.

    To schedule a cardiac rehab evaluation at Texas Health Rockwall, call 469-698-1000.

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  • Cardiology

    Texas Health Rockwall employs a number of cardiologists who provide care from diagnosis to procedures and aftercare.

    Rockwall Cardiac Care Expansion

    We are happy to announce that our expansion plans include the addition of a cardiology lab.Find out more.

    Cardiopulmonary care and assessment

    Texas Health Rockwall provides technical, diagnostic, therapeutic and educational services to assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiorespiratory disorders. In addition, lung function tests are available to assess how well the lungs inhale and exhale air and how well they transport gases such as oxygen from the atmosphere into the body's circulation. The tests can diagnose lung disease, measure the severity of lung problems, and can help doctors make treatment plans for patients with breathing problems.

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  • Digestive health

    The Endoscopy Laboratory at Texas Health Rockwall provides advanced treatment and diagnostic capabilities for gastrointestinal and pulmonary procedures. Anesthesia services are planned along with all endoscopic procedures to ensure comfort and positive outcomes for our patients.

    We offer the latest model of endoscope for examining the patient's gastrointestinal tract using minimally invasive methods. All diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract of the esophagus, colon, stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder and small intestine are performed by certified gastroenterology specialists and anesthesiologists together with certified nurses who are members of the Gastroenterology Nurses Association (SGNA). ).

    If surgery is necessary, nothing is more important after surgery than a speedy recovery. That's why Texas Health Rockwall offers advanced, robot-assisted surgery using the da Vinci Xi Surgical System. Some of the surgeries that can be performed minimally invasive include:

    • Robotic rectopexy
    • Intestinal repair
    • Colectomy (resection and colostomy)
    • Restorative proctocolectomy
    • Repair of abdominal and peristomal hernia with mesh
    • Colon resection

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  • Emergency services

    Texas Health Rockwall offers emergency services 24 hours a day. The emergency department is staffed by independent full-time doctors and nurses. Emergency medicine physicians provide immediate assessment, care and stabilization of patients with illnesses and injuries. Our emergency physicians, nurses and technicians participate in ongoing continuing education programs to stay abreast of current trends and developments in emergency care.

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  • painting services

    Texas Health Rockwall offers high-quality outpatient imaging services by well-trained and experienced technicians who truly care about the patient experience.

    Ambulatory imaging is available Monday through Friday during normal business hours; however, for your convenience, we are able to accommodate different schedules, offering evening appointments if required. And because we know it's important to get results in a timely manner, our on-site radiologist provides quick and accurate reports to our referring doctor.

    Digital X-ray

    Digital processing allows our radiologist to instantly review your images and provide a report to your doctor for quick diagnosis. On request, a digital X-ray can be taken.

    computed tomography

    Our 64-slice 3D CT scanner is revolutionizing the way doctors can detect and quickly diagnose diseases. With the scanner, we obtain 64 images for each 360° rotation of the X-ray tube. This allows a much shorter scanning time, which is extremely useful, especially when scanning pediatric patients.


    Our open aperture scanner supports patient care with its unique aperture design. Over 60 percent tests end with the patient's head outside the opening, which improves comfort and relieves claustrophobia. With an opening just over two meters in diameter, the system also provides space for large patients.

    Texas Health Rockwall is also pleased to offer MRI with anesthesia to patients who require it. This may include patients with severe claustrophobia, movement disorders, or other conditions that make staying in one position uncomfortable or difficult.

    diagnostic ultrasound

    Diagnostic ultrasonography is a medical imaging technique that uses silent sound waves to visualize organs and tissues in the body. The recordings are made by a sonographer. In addition to making a diagnosis, a radiologist may perform procedures such as ultrasound-guided biopsies.

    To contact the planning department, please call the planning department at855-487-3926.

  • Intensive treatment

    Patients facing acute, life-threatening injury or illness can take comfort knowing that Texas Health Rockwall has a comprehensive intensive care unit (ICU). Hospitalists (doctors dedicated to the care of patients in a hospital setting) provide expertise and care coordination with experienced intensive care nurses and a multidisciplinary team approach that includes cardiopulmonary services, physiotherapy, social services and dietary services. In addition, intensive care nurses provide each patient with safe, personalized and high-quality care and comfort for their families.

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  • Mammography

    Texas Health Rockwall | Hospital in Rockwall, Texas (3)Rockwall Women's Imaging & Breast Center offers a unique environment that combines highly specialized diagnostic care in a comfortable, peaceful and quiet environment. An added enhancement to the center are our experienced and compassionate caregivers who take pride in providing high quality care and an individual approach to each patient. Their passion for breast health and early detection of breast cancer is evident in the care they provide to their patients.

    Mammography and available services:

    • Mammography 2D and 3D
    • Breast USG total 3D
    • breast MRI
    • Stereotactic and diagnostic ultrasound
    • Bone density scan

    3136 Horizon Road nr 150
    Rockwall, Texas 75032

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  • Social care

    When new parents choose to give birth at Texas Health Rockwall, they receive high-quality, individualized medical care along with a comprehensive educational program. In addition, our doctors, nurses, certified lactation consultants and clinical support staff have many years of experience in providing maternity services. We are proud to be a Texas Ten Step property!

    Texas Health Rockwall nudi:

    • Full maternity care
    • Spacious work and recovery rooms (LDR) ensuring the comfort of childbirth
    • A nursery for newborns with an emphasis on family-centred care and rooming-in, which reduces separation time and facilitates bonding between mother and baby.
    • Support in breastfeeding is provided by highly qualified staff and a lactation consultant who is available both during a stay in the hospital and on an outpatient basis if needed.
    • Childbirth education courses
    • Neonatologists employed in nurseries to observe and assess newborns
    • Level 1 designation - Good Nursery with extended care for those little ones who need extra time to adjust to life outside the mother's womb.

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  • Orthopedics

    The medical staff at Texas Health Rockwall have extensive experience to help you decide which option is best for you. Caregivers at Texas Health Rockwall are committed to treating all of our patients as unique individuals, not just knees, hips or shoulders. Because every patient is different, with unique needs and expectations, we offer a wide range of treatment options for musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. Their goal is to help you determine the best care option so that you can return to your daily activities.

    Joint replacements

    Many advances have been made in the joint replacement process in recent years, including improved materials that can allow joints to be replaced for 20 to 25 years or more. Other improvements relate to the overall patient experience, making recovery easier and faster than it used to be. Through the use of preoperative nerve blocks, analgesic pumps and minimally invasive techniques, patients can recover faster and experience less pain than in the past.

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  • Rehabilitation

    Physical therapy is a key part of the healing process. Texas Health Rockwall offers inpatient and outpatient therapy to help patients return to their daily activities after injury, surgery, or illness.

    Stationary therapy

    For inpatients, our experienced, licensed therapists assess each patient to create a care plan based on their individual needs and treatment goals. Understanding that each patient is unique, our therapists communicate closely with other caregivers on the team, including nurses, physicians, and case managers, to ensure continuity of care while planning a patient's discharge. Inpatient therapies may include:

    • Physiotherapy (PT)
    • occupational therapy (OT)
    • Speech therapy (ST)

    Outpatient therapy

    Through a partnership with Greater Therapy Centers, Texas Health Rockwall offers several outpatient physical therapy programs for your convenience in the Rockwall area. Physical therapists use non-surgical techniques to reduce pain, promote mobility, and increase function. Some common conditions treated with physiotherapy include (but are not limited to) sports injuries, post-therapy rehabilitation, arthritis, fractures, intervertebral disc problems, muscle/tendon/ligament strains, strains, sprains, bursitis and tendinitis.Find out more.

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  • Sports medicine

    The sports medicine program at Texas Health Rockwall is dedicated to improving the well-being of athletes of all ages in our community. The goal of our program is to shorten the duration of your injury by helping you get to the care you need as quickly as possible.

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  • Weight loss surgery

    The Texas Health Rockwall Weight Loss Program is proud to be an MBSAQIP accredited comprehensive center! We care about your health and well-being and look forward to working with you to improve your health.

    Our surgeons and staff are committed to helping you find a solution to help you achieve your weight loss goals and lead a healthier lifestyle. Because one solution is not suitable for all, we offer a variety of weight loss options, including the latest NON-Surgical device, gastric balloon, as well as a comprehensive program of support, exercise and nutrition guidance. Our bariatric center has been carefully designed to keep you supported and comfortable throughout your journey.

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  • Women's health

    Girls growing into older women require care that recognizes their unique needs. Texas Health offers innovative treatment options for conditions that affect a woman's life, at every stage, with an emphasis on the well-being of the whole woman. A medical staff gynecologist at Texas Health Rockwall can help you take care of yourself, no matter what stage of your life you're in, including:

    • Well, exams for women
    • Pelvic floor and urinary incontinence
    • Pelvic pain
    • Heavy and irregular periods
    • vaginal infections
    • Birth control
    • Climacterium
    • hysterectomy

    If surgery is necessary, nothing is more important after surgery than a speedy recovery. That's why Texas Health Rockwall offers advanced, robot-assisted surgery using the da Vinci Xi Surgical System. Some of the surgeries that can be performed minimally invasive include:

    • Tubal ligation
    • Ovarian cystectomy
    • Ectopic pregnancy - surgical treatment
    • Hysterectomy
    • sacrocolpopexy
    • myomectomy
    • Diagnostic laparoscopy (for endometriosis)

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Guidance for visitors and upcoming visit

We have changed many of our guidelines to protect our patients, their visitors, our care teams, and the entire North Texas community. Find information to help you prepare for your procedure or visit.

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Back and spine care

Texas Health Rockwall offers a personalized and conservative approach to back and spine health care.

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Hospital management

  • Cindy Perrin, president

    Cynthia (Cindy) Perrin, FACHE, was on the first team that built and launched Texas Health Hospital Rockwall. She was the inaugural vice president of Patient Care/CNO when the doors opened in December 2007. Perrin was promoted to COO in 2010 and to her current role as president in February 2012. Her passion and commitment to "doing what's right for the the patient is reflected in the corridors and the hearts of the staff who walk them. In these rooms, every staff member is a caregiver and everyone is family.

    For Perrin, this family extends beyond the walls of the hospital to the community that Texas Health Hospital Rockwall is proud to serve. In 2016, Perrin was instrumental in securing a waiver from CMS that allowed the physician-owned hospital to expand, doubling in size to better serve the community with additional capacity and service lines. She has had the honor of serving on the boards of many social agencies closely related to those with similar missions. Perrin's love for children inspired her to become a founding member of the Rockwall County Children's Advocacy Center. The hospital's participation in the District Sexual Assault Response Team and the subsequent development of the hospital's Sexual Assault Nurse Research Program were closely monitored.

    Perrin began her career as a patient care technician while in high school, quickly finding her place in operating theaters as a cleaning technician. She continued this role in nursing school, earning a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from McLennan Community College in Waco. Perrin later earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas at Arlington while holding numerous leadership roles in surgical services. In 2001, she was promoted to an executive position and earned a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management from the University of Phoenix.

    Perrin lives in Rockwall with her husband Scott and Great Danes. As professional diving instructors, they are happy to teach diving while traveling to remote islands in search of their beloved pelagic species: giant stingrays and whales in the Pacific Ocean. They also enjoy family time with their adult children and seven grandchildren who are also learning to dive.

  • Tami Hawkins, chief nurse and vice president of patient care

    Tami Hawkins, RN, MSN, NEA-BCVP, has been an integral part of Texas Health Hospital Rockwall since its doors opened in 2007. She began her career at Rockwall as Director of Emergency Services and Intensive Care. In 2011, she was promoted to her current position of Vice President of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer.

    A champion of safe, quality care, Hawkins was instrumental in leading Texas Health Rockwall to earn recognition as a 5-star CMS hospital. Her passion for supporting caregivers and patients is evidenced by her commitment to practical leadership. It can often be found in support wards throughout the hospital. Under her leadership, Texas Health Rockwall implemented the Nursing Career Development Program to promote professional development, Joint Steering Boards to improve engagement, the quarterly Daisy Award for Outstanding Nursing, and relationship-based care to support caregiver engagement.

    Hawkins has over 25 years of nursing experience. She earned her Bachelor of Nursing and Master of Nursing degrees from the University of Texas at Arlington. An advocate for lifelong learning, she leads by example by earning her Doctor of Nursing degree - Executive Nurse degree from Baylor University.

    Hawkins lives in Heath with her husband Doug and two children who are involved in activities ranging from volleyball to taekwondo and more. Hawkins has a heart for patients and those in need and is active in many community organizations, including a past time serving on the board of the Rockwall County Helping Hands.

  • Jason Linscott, CFO/COO

    Jason Linscott, CPA, serves as chief operating and financial officer of Texas Health Hospital Rockwall, assuming the role in December 2018. Linscott joined Texas Health Hospital Rockwall as chief financial officer in April 2016. He oversees operations and support services, including imaging, laboratory, and pharmacy . Linscott was instrumental in the $91 million expansion of the hospital, overseeing all aspects of design and construction.

    Previously, he worked in public accounting at KPMG in the healthcare sector. He joined Texas Health in 2011, working in various positions in the accounting and finance departments. He received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting from the University of Oklahoma.

    Linscott currently serves on the board of the Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce. He graduated from the Leadership Rockwall Class of 2017. He previously served on the Providence Academy - Rockwall Board of Directors and is now their middle school and high school football coach. He is also a member of Watermark Community Church Rockwall.

    Outside of work, Linscott and his wife Candis enjoy spending time with their son Liam and three daughters, Penny, Josey and Selah. In the fall, you can catch him playing soccer in Oklahoma.

  • Gary Bonacquisti, medical director

    Gary Bonacquisti, MD, FACHE, one of the founding partners of Texas Health Hospital Rockwall, served as chairman of the board of directors until 2008, when he was named its first chief medical officer. dr. Bonacquisti is committed to the community of Rockwall and surrounding areas as evidenced by its service as the county health authority from 2008-2020.

    Dr. Bonacquisti's loyalty and dedication to Texas Health Hospital Rockwall is unwavering. He works tirelessly in the areas of physician quality and employment to provide valuable services to the community.

    dr. Bonacquisti has over 27 years of experience in family practice certified by the board. He graduated from AOA with honors from Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey and completed family practice at Hillcrest Medical Center in Oklahoma as chief resident. He joined Family Health Care Associates in 1994 and is currently a member of the Texas Health Physicians Group.

    dr. Bonacquisti lives in Rockwall with his wife Lynette, a former Mrs. New Jersey. They have two daughters, Laryssa, formerly Mrs. Louisiana, and Bryton, formerly Mrs. Southlake. dr. Bonacquisti enjoys the outdoors and, if possible, likes to travel the roads of the United States on his Harley Davidson.

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Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Rockwall community health needs assessment

Texas Health Hospital Rockwall is a joint venture between Texas Health Resources and physicians dedicated to the community and meets the definition of a physician-owned hospital under federal law. Medical staff physicians work independently and are not employees or agents of the hospital.

(Video) Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Rockwall - Truven 100 Top Hospitals 2014 Award


Texas Health Rockwall | Hospital in Rockwall, Texas? ›

Texas Health Dallas Designated Level I Trauma Hospital.

How many beds is Texas Health Rockwall? ›

Identification and Characteristics
Name and Address:Texas Health Rockwell 3150 Horizon Road Rockwall, TX 75032
Type of Facility:Short Term Acute Care
Type of Control:Proprietary, Corporation
Total Staffed Beds:53
Total Patient Revenue:$477,190,859
9 more rows

What trauma level is Texas Health Rockwall? ›

Texas Health Dallas Designated Level I Trauma Hospital.

Who is the CEO of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Rockwall? ›

Cindy Paris, RN, FACHE. - President/CEO - Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Rockwall | LinkedIn.

What hospital is Texas Health associated with? ›

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth. Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano. Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest Fort Worth.

What is the largest hospital in Texas by beds? ›

With 1,128 beds, Houston Methodist Hospital is the largest hospital in Texas by bed size. Hospital Management lists the top ten largest hospitals in Texas based on bed size, using GlobalData's research.

What is the largest hospital group in Texas? ›

Texas Medical Center (TMC) — the largest medical complex in the world — is at the forefront of advancing life sciences. Home to the brightest minds in medicine, TMC nurtures cross-institutional collaboration, creativity and innovation because together, we can push the limits of what's possible.

How many beds does Texas Health Presbyterian hospital Rockwall have? ›

Located in the heart of Rockwall, Texas Health Rockwall offers 60 inpatient beds for acute medical and surgical needs.

Who owns MountainStar health? ›

MountainStar Healthcare is a division of HCA Healthcare, the nation's leading provider of healthcare services in 20 states across the country and in England.

Who owns Quorum health? ›

BRENTWOOD, Tenn., June 7, 2021 – Quorum Health Corporation (the “Company”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Quincy Health, LLC, today announced that Dan Slipkovich, a member of the Company's Board of Managers, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer. Mr.

What is the name of the best hospital in Texas? ›

  • Baylor St. ...
  • Baylor University Medical Center. ...
  • Baylor Scott and White Medical Center-Temple. ...
  • Memorial Hermann Hospital. ...
  • Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital. Houston, TX 77008-1532. ...
  • St. David's Medical Center. ...
  • Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin. 1-512-640-0478. ...
  • Christus Mother Frances Hospital-Tyler. Tyler, TX 75701-2036.

Is Texas Health Care good? ›

Texas ranks as the state with the worst health care system. This is in large part due to the high rate of residents of all ages lacking health insurance and the limited access to certain types of health care. The uninsured rate, at 18.4%, is double the national figure and higher than that of any other state.

How many beds does Texas Health hospital have? ›

Texas Health Fort Worth is a 720-bed hospital conveniently located in the heart of Fort Worth, south of Interstate 30 at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Henderson Street.

What is the best trauma center in Texas? ›

Galveston Campus. The trauma center at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston (UTMB Health) is one of the largest and most technologically sophisticated emergency care facilities in the world.

What is the highest trauma level hospital? ›

Level I Trauma Center

Level 1 is the highest or most comprehensive care center for trauma, capable of providing total care for every aspect of injury – from prevention through rehabilitation.

How many Level 1 trauma hospitals are in Texas? ›

The standards for Level 1 trauma centers are designated by the Department of State Health Services and verified by the American College of Surgeons. There are 22 in the state. The hospital is part of the Texas Health Resources network, the large nonprofit hospital system that operates throughout much of North Texas.

What is the oldest hospital in Texas? ›

Brackenridge Hospital

What is the largest private hospital in Texas? ›

The Texas hospital with the most staffed beds is Baptist Medical Center in San Antonio with 1,463 beds. Baptist Medical Center is a part of the Baptist Health System, the largest and most expansive health system in the state.

Who is the largest healthcare provider in Texas? ›

Which Texas health system has the most hospitals? Tenet Healthcare, located in Dallas, ranks number one on our list with 82 member hospitals in its network. Next is Baylor Scott & White Health, with 50 hospitals. And Steward Health Care System takes third, with 40 member hospitals.

Where is the best hospital in the world? ›

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Mayo Clinic in Rochester is again ranked No. 1 in the world by Newsweek in its list of the "World's Best Hospitals." The ranking is a tribute to the work of staff across Mayo Clinic.

Where is the biggest hospital in the world? ›

ZHENGZHOU — Even at its current size, the First Affiliated University Hospital of Zhengzhou in the capital of China's central Henan province is the largest hospital in the world. And it's still expanding. The "super hospital," as some have dubbed it, already boasts 7,000 beds.

Is the Texas Medical Center the best in the world? ›

Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center ranked No. 4 among Houston hospitals and TIRR Memorial Hermann ranked No. 4 nationally for rehabilitation in U.S. News & World Report's 2019-2020 "Best Hospitals" ratings.

What level of trauma is Presbyterian Rockwall? ›

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas Designated Level I Trauma Hospital.

How many beds is Texas Health Frisco? ›

Texas Health Frisco is a 93-bed, acute-care, full-service hospital and medical office community offering primary care and multispecialty medicine.

How many hospitals does Texas Health have? ›

Texas Health has 29 hospital locations - including acute-care, short-stay, behavioral health, rehabilitation and transitional care facilities - that are owned, operated or joint-ventured with Texas Health Resources along with more than 350 outpatient facilities, satellite emergency rooms, surgery centers, fitness ...

Who owns Baylor hospital? ›

Baylor University Medical Center (Baylor Dallas or BUMC), part of Baylor Scott & White Health, is a not-for-profit hospital in Dallas, Texas.

Who bought out Steward Health Care? ›

CommonSpirit Health announced Wednesday that it will acquire regional health system Steward Health Care in Utah for $685 million. The deal marks CommonSpirit's entry into Utah, expanding the hospital operator's footprint to a total of 22 states.

Who bought Mountain Point Medical Center? ›

People attend the grand opening ceremony and community celebration at Mountain Point Medical Center in Lehi, on May 29, 2015. It is one of five hospitals owned by Steward Health Care set to be acquired by Colorado-based Centura Health.

What happened to Quorum Health? ›

Quorum Health declared bankruptcy in 2017, from which it emerged in 2020.

Is quorum health public or private? ›

Tennessee-based Quorum Health, which operates 22 rural and mid-sized hospitals in 13 states, may have been more ill-positioned financially than other systems going into the pandemic. The company went public in May 2016 with 38 hospitals.

Who is the new CEO of quorum? ›

HOUSTON, September 1, 2022 – Quorum Software (Quorum), a global software leader dedicated to the energy industry, announced today that Chief Executive Officer Gene Austin will be stepping down from this position to become the company's Chairman of the Board of Directors and President Paul Langenbahn will succeed Austin ...

Which hospital pays the most in Texas? ›

Highest-Paying University Hospitals Competitors In Texas
RankCompany NameHourly Pay
1The MetroHealth System$33
2Brigham and Women's Hospital$25
3The Geauga Hospital Assn Inc$24
4Cleveland Clinic$23
6 more rows

What is the most trusted hospital? ›

World's Best Hospitals 2020 - Top 100 Global
1Mayo Clinic - RochesterRochester, MN
2Cleveland ClinicCleveland, OH
3Massachusetts General HospitalBoston, MA
4Toronto General (University Health Network)Toronto
84 more rows

What hospital is number one in America? ›

Best Hospitals - USA
RankHospital CityScore
1Mayo Clinic - Rochester Rochester, MN98.8
2Cleveland Clinic Cleveland, OH97.4
3The Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, MD96.7
4Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, MA96.5
110 more rows

What state has the best medical care for seniors? ›

The Top 10 States for Health Care
StateOverall Score
6 more rows
Apr 2, 2023

Why is Texas healthcare so expensive? ›

A high uninsured rate, tough Medicaid regulations, and a lack of services has given Texas some of the highest rates for disease and death. You don't want to be sick in Texas. The federal government's latest National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report (NHQDR) gives the Lone Star State some poor grades.

What state has the best doctors? ›

Best States to Practice Medicine
Overall RankStateTotal Score
2South Dakota67.47
47 more rows
Mar 20, 2023

What is the largest hospital in the US by beds? ›

Orlando Health Orlando Regional Medical Center in Florida is the biggest hospital in the US based on bed size. Credit: Jo M Henselin/Shutterstock.com. The US was estimated to have 6,642 registered hospitals, as of December 2021.

What level of trauma is Texas Health Fort Worth? ›

ARLINGTON, Texas — Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth has been designated as a Level I Trauma Center. It is one of only 22 Level I Trauma facilities in Texas and the third busiest trauma center in Texas.

Where is the largest hospital in the US by number of beds? ›

Largest hospitals in the U.S. by number of beds

The New York-based Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center has the most staffed beds among hospitals that we track using HospitalView, with 2,342 beds. According to the most recent Medicare Cost Report, Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center has a bed utilization rate of 63.24%.

How many beds does Presby Rockwall have? ›

THPHR provides 50 inpatient beds for acute medical and surgical needs, advanced medical technology and comprehensive services focused on quality patient care and safety close to home.

How many beds is Presby Dallas? ›

How many beds is City hospital Dallas? ›

Medical City Dallas is an 899-bed, acute care hospital with a medical team of more than 1,500 providers, many of whom are top experts in their fields.

Which state has the most hospital beds? ›

South Dakota has the most hospital beds per 1,000 population of all U.S. states, while Washington has the fewest, according to a ranking Kaiser Family Foundation released March 25.

How many beds does Big Spring State hospital have? ›

The Big Spring State Hospital (BSSH) opened in 1938. BSSH has a capacity of 200 beds and provides care for adults age 18 and older in West Texas and the Texas South Plains.

How many beds does Coral Gables hospital have? ›

Our 245-bed acute care hospital serves South Dade County, but we also have many patients who come to us from across Latin America and the Caribbean as well.

How many beds does UT health East Texas have? ›

Identification and Characteristics
Name and Address:UT Health Tyler 1000 South Beckham Tyler, TX 75701
Total Staffed Beds:359
Total Patient Revenue:$3,627,611,445
Total Discharges:19,544
Total Patient Days:109,652
9 more rows

What is the lowest trauma level hospital? ›

Level 1. A level 1 trauma center is a specialist care facility. It provides care for each aspect of an injury, including prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.


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