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What can a bolt cutter cut?

In shipping, tongs are used to open containers. In the electrical and construction industries, they are used to cut metal wires and other components. In agriculture they are used for work on fences. A worker at a construction site uses wire cutters to cut through a steel reinforcement structure.

They are particularly useful for workers involved in strenuous, repetitive work, such as: B. Cutting and cutting thick steel mesh panels used to reinforce walls.

Cutting tools with extended handles come in handy in such situations as they eliminate the need to constantly bend down. These models have lightweight handles with padded shoulder straps to make the instrument easier to carry and operate. CashSheet metal fabrication company in Melbourne

Rescue workers rely heavily on tongs, which allow them to open locked doors and cut through other metal barriers to free trapped people. When they think the fire is still burning in the walls, they use the tools to cut through the drywall and access the wall cavities.

They are used by both police and criminals when the former need to free protesters who have chained themselves to inanimate objects.

Rather than cutting through materials like scissors, the pliers crush them by focusing tremendous forces on the small area where the blades make contact.

The cutting power of these tools (the jaws) is based on the “leverage theory” where a small force over a large distance (here the length of the handles) results in a large force over a small distance.

The tremendous crushing force on the tool head comes from the force applied over the comparatively long distance from the lugs to the central hinge (which acts as a fulcrum), which is then multiplied by a second set of hinges.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a pro, there will come a time when the only option is to break through that annoying clog with wire cutters.

Padlocks, bolts, rods, and metal chains are the most common targets for a bolt cutter.

Bolt cutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the right one being chosen based on the material being cut.

Here we take a look at different types of mowers and discuss how to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Bolt cutters are a type of punch typically used to cut fasteners such as bolts, chain, and wire mesh. Screw cutters, used to cut screws and wire, are the product of two sharp blades and two hands. The safety bolts of a shipping container were their original target. Bolt cutters come in a variety of styles and sizes.

It's common to use some of these tools regularly for tasks like tearing down fences, furniture, and other machine parts. On the other hand, they are useful for completing difficult tasks. This will likely simplify whatever you're trying to accomplish. Some of them can cut solid objects like metal bars, pipes, fences, and chains. All you need to cut the fine yarn and the small roving is a pair of simple scissors. If a key is misplaced, a visitor to your property can use the high-power cutters to gain access to locked structures.

How to choose the best screw cutter?

What can a bolt cutter cut? | Australian General Engineering (1)

By considering these factors when purchasing a bolt cutter, you should choose one that is ideal for your needs.


A variety of bolt cutters in lengths of 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 24, 30, 36, and 42 inches are readily available. The range of metal materials and gauges that a particular wire cutter can handle depends on its size.

Small screw cutters

The 8, 10, 12 or 14 inch long small bolt cutters are primarily intended for cutting thinner chains and extracting soft to medium hard bolts. These pliers, like the exceptional bolt cutters from Knipex Tools, are very popular because they are powerful, can be used in the tightest of spaces and can be taken anywhere by the user.

Medium size screw cutter

Medium sized screw cutters are typically between 18 and 24 inches long. They work well with flexible and hard metals. The long handle of a medium-sized bolt cutter gives the user more cutting power to cut through thick objects like padlocks or loosen huge bolts.

Large screw cutters

Medium-hard metals, including thick steel chain, copper cable, steel rod, and solid bolts and padlocks are no match for the 30" to 42" bolt cutters. The longer handle and extra-strong steel jaws of these heavy-duty tools allow for greater leverage and bolt-breaking power to get the job done.

blade quality

If you want your bolt cutters to deliver the serious cutting performance you desire, it is imperative that its jaws and blades be made of strong, tough and exceptionally hard steel.

Forged and heat-treated chrome-molybdenum steel or chrome-vanadium steel are the main materials for making screw cutters. These two types of steel are widely considered to be the strongest and most durable available. Steel can also be powder coated to prevent rust and corrosion.

Rockwell hardness scale

The blade of every cutting tool, from knives to axes, is made to the Rockwell hardness scale. The Rockwell Hardness Scale (HRC) provides information about the hardness and toughness of steel. For RHC, a higher value indicates a tougher steel.


No matter how long or short the handles are, you need enough leverage to open the jaws so the pliers can grab and cut the metal with minimal effort.

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An ergonomic design also eliminates any hand fatigue. Bolt cutters can have rolling steel handles with padded, non-slip rubber grips, like the Tekton bolt cutters, or they can have thick, molded, plastic-coated handles, like the Capri Tools bolt cutters.


A heavier screw cutter can have greater metal grinding strength, but prolonged use can cause significant fatigue. A lightweight screw cutter is handy for on-the-go use and quick work, but may not stand up to repeated use on difficult materials. The type of work to be carried out must be taken into account. In your toolbox you should have a heavy-duty bolt cutter for tough jobs and a collapsible bolt cutter for quick use.

What are the best screw cutter reviews?

Neiko 00563A- Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter

It doesn't matter whether you're a professional or a do-it-yourselfer; You can both use a pair of wire cutters. With the Neiko Model 00563A bolt cutters, any of you can cut wires, bolts, chains, padlocks and other small parts. The robust lever shaft of the cutter makes it possible to generate 400 kg of pressure with just 50 kg of force.

Neiko Model 00563A bolt cutters have a jaw that can handle heavy duty work without bending or breaking. In short, this crossbow can handle any cutting task you can throw at it.

Knipex 8 inch screw cutter model 7101200

The Knipex bolt cutters type 7101200 can easily cut 5.2 mm rivets and all other screws, nails or similar objects. The vanadium electric steel used to make the body of this compact screw cutter is oil hardened and quenched. The robust construction of the cutting plotter is guaranteed by the use of high-quality materials. With this cutter in hand, you will have no trouble cutting your homework.

Also, you can safely use it to cut a 1/4 inch diameter screw or rivet. Knipex engineers rigorously control all of their blades to ensure they are durable, reliable and able to cut through any material.

TEKTON 8" Mini Screw and Wire Cutters

A wire cutter from TEKTON can cut any wire, from a screw or chain to a cable. This compact 8 inch bolt cutter easily cuts any wire rope. TEKTON designers programmed the cutter with a sophisticated cutting motion to speed up difficult cutting tasks. Mini pliers can only cut wire up to 3/16 inch thick, so forget about padlocks. You won't believe how this mower performs in intense conditions.

CoBolt Knipex 71 32 200 Comfort grip cutter with high leverage

A Knipex 7132200 is an excellent choice of bolt cutter if you need one. Metal, bolt heads, chain and much more can be cut effortlessly with this powerful bolt cutter. The bolt cutter can be used in your industrial assembly line or container screen.

This versatile blade can be used for a variety of tasks. These precision-engineered bolt cutters generate 20x more pressure, allowing effortless cutting of even the toughest metals. You can use this myth as your standard pocket knife for everything from trimming fence wire to cutting hooks.

Capri Tools 40209 Mini Screw Cutter, Blade 8".

Mini pliers like the 8-inch Capri model are conveniently kept in your wire-cutting tool kit whenever you need them. The Capri Tools model 40209 is padded for a secure grip when cutting. The conventional cutting plotter offers the highest possible power with the least effort. The Capri 40209's heat-treated jaw makes cutting bolts, wire, rope and chain fast. This useful CrMo metal cutter can be conveniently stored in a pocket until needed.

WORKPRO W017004A 14 inch bolt cutter

The WORKPRO W017004A 14" Bolt Cutter is a powerful, durable and ergonomic metal cutting tool.

The W017004A offers powerful compound cutting action with minimal effort thanks to its powder-coated, forged chrome-molybdenum steel bolsters and precision-cut blades. This powerful tool is ideal for effortlessly cutting screws, rods, rivets and wire fencing (all soft to medium metals) as well as HRC42 steel up to 5mm and HRC25 steel up to 6mm.

The red and blue non-slip grips on the strong, tubular, ergonomic bi-material handles allow for a greater level of control, even during demanding jobs. Convenient for everyday use, this screw cutter easily fits in your pocket due to its small size.

What can a bolt cutter cut? | Australian General Engineering (2)

Knipex Tools 7101250 CoBolt 10-Inch Compact Bolt Cutter

The highly versatile Knipex Tools 7101250 10" Compact Bolt Cutters 7101250 can be used for a variety of tasks around the home or on the job site, including cutting screws and other fasteners.

Made in Germany, the CoBolt features a heavy-duty steel frame and improved lever mechanism to give you excellent cutting performance with minimal effort.

Soft and hard wire, piano wire, screws, nails and rivets up to a diameter of 5.6 mm can be cut quickly and easily with the precision blades made of heavy-duty, hardened 64 HRC chrome-vanadium steel with a new laser-cut microstructure. Improved screw cutting edge design prevents thick, round and flat objects from slipping during the cutting process, allowing you to work more efficiently.

The improved gripping zone of the jaws makes it easier to grasp objects, pull apart and pull nails and cables larger than 0.04 inch in diameter.

These 10" longer grips are designed for comfort and strength. The handles are plastic coated so you don't have to worry about it falling off. The bright red handles stand out in any office environment. Because of its portable size, you can take the CoBolt anywhere.

Neiko 00558A 12 inch screw cutter

The Neiko 00558A 12 Inch Bolt Cutter is the tool to use when you are faced with very tough challenges.

The 00558A is versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks from light domestic use to heavy duty industrial applications. The chrome-molybdenum steel jaws are hardened to a razor sharp edge and are indestructible. For this reason, even screws, chains, padlocks, threaded rods, thick wire, wire fences and other harder metals are easily cut with this screw cutter.


Classic fulcrum design and carefully positioned blades provide greater cutting power and smoother movement with less effort.

Ergonomically designed angled textured plastic handles are comfortable and non-slip, increasing leverage and minimizing hand strain.

The Neiko bolt cutters are available in 7 lengths: 12", 14", 18", 24", 30", 36" and 42".

RIDGID 14223 Screw Cutter Model S24

The Ridgid 14223 S24 Bolt Cutters are a great addition to any professional or DIY tool kit that needs to cut soft, medium or hard metals.

This RIDGID bolt cutter is 24 inches long and designed for tough cutting jobs.

The strength and durability of the blades is maximized through the use of hardened alloy steel bolsters. The internal cam system requires just one simple step to ensure the blades stay in the perfect cutting position, so you can be assured of a very precise cutting performance.

The center cut of this screw cutter makes it easy to work on all types of metal. It can easily cut metals with a hardness of 15RC, 31RC or 42RC. Steel, spring wire, heat treated bar, rebar, steel cable and bolts are no match for its destructive power.

The black rubber grips on the red metal handles are ergonomically designed. More force can be applied, allowing for more precise and controlled metal cutting.

HK Porter 0190MCD 24 inch Power Link Bolt Cutters

The HK Porter 0190MCD 24" Bolt Cutter is ideal for cutting metal in industrial settings due to its high cutting performance, innovative technology and exceptional durability.

This American-made bolt cutter features a new computer-inspired Power Link compound-action mechanism that makes even the toughest jobs easier. It is ideal for cutting thicker and harder materials with little effort. The renowned Powerlink bolt cutter requires 30% less effort than traditional cutters.

The HK Porter Bolt Cutter is ideal for use in factories, repair shops, power plants, construction and infrastructure sites, oil and gas operations and other tough environments.

The induction-hardened center-cut blades and metal shredding jaws are exceptionally durable constructions. This 24 inch bolt cutter is ideal for cutting a wide range of materials including wrought iron, wire fencing, padlock hasps, electrical wire and heavy gauge steel bars, rods and screws.

The 90-degree opening angle of the tubular steel handles gives you the leverage you need with minimal effort. As an added bonus, the black non-slip rubber grips are comfortable and classic in design, minimizing the risk of muscle fatigue.

Bolt cutters are available with a variety of blade shapes and bevel angles to suit a variety of applications. Most pliers can be identified by the shape of the blade alone, although there are some exceptions.


Any tool that claims to be a bolt cutter must have a complex hinge. Each arm of a typical bolt cutter has a hinge joint connected to a central third hinge.

Compact, shear-cut screw cutters use a hinge design similar to that of traditional household scissors. The shear cut bolt cutters (see below) and compact bolt cutters (200 m (8 inch) handles) have a single scissor-like joint. However, this does not change the handling of the pliers; The following categories still apply.

BoxMelbourne Galvanized Sheet Manufacturing

Center cut bolt cutters

Center cut screw cutters are versatile and often used for a variety of tasks. The double bevel on each blade ensures that the full weight of the blade is applied to the material being cut in all directions, resulting in clean cuts from all sides. They are great for most jobs like sawing heavy gauge wire and tubing.

Clipper blades and angled screw cutters

Both upper surfaces of the blades slope down into the clipped jaws almost to the flats of the jaws. To apply the same pressure as its center-cut cousin, the lower edges of the blades are smoothly beveled. This makes cutting blades great for cutting nails, nuts or bolts that are protruding close to the surface of a workpiece, as the cutting point is lower when the tool is laid flat.

Compact red and blue angle head screw cutter

However, if the head of the pliers is angled and there is no flat plate behind it, the cutters can create an even deeper cut. When used correctly, this type of tool can remove screws or nails almost completely flush with the surface they are on.

Screw cutters with angled heads are excellent for cutting hard materials, e.g. B. for driving nails into boards. The tool handles can be raised at a 20 or 30 degree angle to the tool head, allowing plenty of room for a working hand to slide under and grip.

shear cut

Shear Cut Bolt Cutters are the most effective tool for cutting wire and cable. The blades overlap and slide over each other like scissor blades instead of squeezing together during the cutting process.

These tools are commonly used to cleanly cut cables; The hooked design of its jaws locks the handle in place, allowing for more accurate and efficient cutting.

final cut

The blades of an end cutting jaw are flattened and curved inward at the tip to form pliers. When materials like screw heads are in tight, inaccessible places, these tools are used to ensure a firm grip before being cut with a clean, precise cut.

Ratchet Screw Cutters

Some plier models feature ratcheting hinges that allow the operator to apply pressure in quick bursts rather than maintaining constant pressure. They cost more than traditional screw cutters and are a specialty tool.

Compact screw cutters

Compact screw cutters have handles no longer than 200 millimeters (8 inches) (although you'll typically find them in that size). The smaller versions of these tools are ideal for simple tasks like cutting fence wire or small keyhole bolts that would be too much for their larger counterparts. Compared with ordinary pliers, they are much more portable and convenient to use at home and in the garden.

hand and power tools

Bolt cutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them useful for a variety of DIY and professional construction projects.

Hydraulic screw cutters

Both construction workers and rescue workers use a power tool when the cutting job is too much for manual methods. Powerful engine motors in hydraulic tongs make it easy to use, as do its rechargeable batteries.

Man cuts a thick steel bar with a guillotine-action hydraulic bolt cutter

Hydraulic bolt cutters have guillotine-like jaws fitted with a flat blade or blades that slice through anything they cut with impressive power. Conventional Hydraulic Screw Cutters You can also use pliers with regular looking heads.

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