Why is the redesigned 2024 Tacoma Toyota's safest pickup today? (2023)

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The 2024 Toyota Tacoma has a wide range of safety features highlighted by the Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 package.

Why is the redesigned 2024 Tacoma Toyota's safest pickup today? (1)

After months of speculationToyotafinally removed the covers from the Tacoma 2024pickup. The launch of the truck marks the unveiling of a new hybrid powertrain and all-new Trailhunter equipment along with old favorites like the TRD Pro. While in the spotlight, Toyota has also introduced a wide range of truck safety systems.Driven by Safety Sense 3.0which is standard on all Tacoma models.

The new safety package includes a number of improvements over the previous generation, and new additions such as Traffic Sign Assist help make it the safest pickup truck Toyota has ever produced. this isan achievement as impressive as Trailhunter itselfto align the pickup with the rest of Toyota SUVs and pickups when it comes to safety.



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SS Headers 3.0 2024 Tacoma Security Improvements

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The new Safety Sense 3.0 package is standard on all 2024 and 2024 Toyota Tacoma trims.a complete package of active safety and comfort systemsfrom producer. New enhancements to the pickup's feature package, such as Collision Protection with Pedestrian Detection and Lane Keeping Assist. With Lane Keeping Assist, the driver must first activate Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) for it to work. This provides full cruise control speed for the Tacoma. The system also adds a new fourth distance setting in addition to the three available on the previous generation Tacoma, allowing for more control over the distance to the vehicle in front.

What further improves the system over the old one is that it can now detect more than one vehicle in front of you as well as see those in the lanes next to you. With DRCC enabled, Tacoma must be on a road with lane markings visible. The system enables the centering of the lane, hence the need for lane marking, and also helps to provide more space between passing vehicles in the adjacent lane. The way he does it is by shifting Tacoma's path,with minor handling adjustments, keeping the pickup in its lane.

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Toyota also highlighted the key improvements made to Tacoma's new system sensors. One example of thisis a new collision warning system with pedestrian detectionwhich it says offers the Tacoma 2024's enhanced detection capability for pedestrians or nearby vehicles on highways. In addition to being able to detect them, the new sensors in the pre-collision system are now able to detect motorcyclists. The system works in conjunction with the proactive driving assistant. New to the Tacoma Safety Pack for 2024, it provides braking and steering assistance to help you stay clear of ahead vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists. This will help reduce the risk of a collision or serious accident if the driver is temporarily distracted.

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The kill switch is a new addition to the Tacoma

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In addition, the emergency stop system is a new feature of the lane assistant. This isa very intelligent system that monitors the driver's activitiessuch as steering and movements. It does this to determine if they are unresponsive, such as simply not paying attention or even suffering from health problems. If the driver does not respond to the control takeover warnings, the function will bring the vehicle to a stop as safely as possible. Fast enough to avoid additional problems, but not sharp enough to cause a rear-end impact. This should mean that a major catastrophe involving the Tacoma and other vehicles was avoided.

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The 2024 Toyota Tacoma has new safety assistants

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Another new addition to the Tacoma protective suit is the Traffic Sign Recognition Assistant. As the name suggests, it will detect various signs on the driver's route. These range from simple speed limit and stop signs to other signs such as give way and no entry. When it detects one of them, it will be displayed on the icon of the corresponding characteron the Tacoma multifunction display. In addition to the ability to detect and read road signs, the Tacoma has a new blind spot monitor that gives you an extra pair of eyes while driving.

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The system detects and warns the driver of all vehicles approaching or in adjacent lanes. Working in conjunction with the Rear Cross Traffic Alert system, vehicles are detected when approaching from either direction. You will then be warned with both a visual and audible warning. Thanks to this, the probability of a collision of any vehicle is as low as possible. While we as drivers try to be as safe as possible, these systemsthey act as an additional aid covering almost all possibilities. ObaBlind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alertare extra features for the 2024 Tacoma line, and you'll have to pay a bit more to install them in a pickup. Toyota has not yet revealed how much the additional security options will cost.

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Another use for blind spot monitoring is the 2024 Toyota Tacomathe truck is carrying a trailer. Towing will increase the size of the blind spots and thus make it harder to see a potential vehicle on the road if you want to change lanes. Toyota has provided a system that covers this as well, and the system works in conjunction with Toyota's integrated trailer brake controller. Only trailers with electric brakes are compatible with the trailer brake, and a seven-pin connector is available. The system itself fine-tunes the interaction of the vehicle's brakes with the trailer's electronic brakes to best slow them down.

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The new Tacoma should receive high safety ratings

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Note the NHTSA crash test ratings for the 2024 Tacoma model. These ratings are not currently available on the NHTSA website. But lookwhat they will be on offer is thanks to the Toyota Tacoma 2023outgoing model. Tacoma 2023 received high marks in all four major areas. The Tacoma scored no less than four points and five stars in the side impact segment. All recommended technologies shown on the previous truck. Something that has grown with the massive additions of the Toyota SS 3.0. Tacoma has a chance to achieve a five-star rating in all segments.

The 2024 Tacoma should live up to Toyota's reputationproduction of extremely safe vehicles. Tacoma is the safest it has ever been thanks to the many features of the new safety package. 2024 Toyota Tacoma models equipped with i-Force engines will go on sale in late 2023, with prices to be announced in advance. Models using the i-Force Max hybrid powertrain, such as the TRD Pro and Trailhunter, will not go on sale until spring 2024.

Sources: Toyota, NHTSA


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